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I'm Anyonita. That's pronounced ann-yo-need-uh. I'm an American expat who fell in love with Manchester & enjoying life in the UK. You'll frequently hear about my husband, Wayne, and son, Callum.


Anyonita Nibbles Gluten Free (formerly known as Poems & Plates) is mostly a food blog featuring mostly gluten free recipes. I was diagnosed with Coeliac Disease in early 2014, so most recipes since then feature heavily on the gluten-free side of things. Because my husband and son aren't gluten free, I still post gluten recipes every now and then. In addition to recipes, you'll find posts about blogging and the occasional lifestyle post. I shoot and style all of my photographs, unless I get help from my husband.


I started this blog because I fell in love with cooking unexpectedly. I'm completely self-taught and love the challenge of seeing stunning plates of food on TV or in restaurants & trying to recreate them at home. 


Poems & Plates began in 2010!


We live in Manchester, UK, quite possibly the greatest city on the planet. Just try & tell me otherwise. I dare ya. 


With lots of practice, patience & organisation! I absolutely love blogging.

Anyonita Nibbles is all about flavor.

The focus and aim of this blog is flavor. Anyonita Nibbles is obsessed with good, flavorsome, moreish food. Whether it is sweet or savory, child-friendly or a bit more ambitious-- if a dish doesn't have flavor, why taste it? Flavor separates a good dish from an amazing dish. It gets talked about in restaurants. It can make or break a dish; it's what makes the dish worth tasting. Taste is subjective. Flavor is either there or it isn't. 

Find out more in my FAQs.

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