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You'll find tried and tested gluten free recipes you'll fall in love with on Anyonita Nibbles; that's a promise! Each recipe I develop and share with you, is tested and tweaked to ensure you can replicate what's been on my plate. My passion is in making gluten free food that is completely delicious and full of flavour. Every now and then, I develop, cook and photograph recipes for brands and shops, but most of what's here is simply food I've cooked for my meals. My gluten free journey started in 2012. To survive being gluten free, you have to completely change your life. If you've been newly diagnosed as having coeliac disease or of having a wheat allergy, welcome! I hope you find yummy recipes to suit your needs! 

Yes, these are really gluten free:


Gluten Free Salted Caramel Cacao Macarons  


If you have not been told to stop eating gluten for medical reasons, it is best not to follow a gluten free diet as studies have shown that the effects of curbing wheat from your diet can be adverse. If you suspect you have a problem digesting wheat, please contact your doctor for a full diagnosis.