Grilled Chicken Tikka Mojito Chapatis Recipe

Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Grilled chapatis get filled with succulent chicken tikka and a cool mojito sauce in this easy packet meal!
Grilled Chicken Tikka Mojito Chapti Wraps from
Feeds 2 adults

I was meant to be collecting a jar of mayonnaise from the shelf when I saw it: Zesty Mojito Sauce! Zesty Mojito Sauce?! Without question, it ended up in the shopping trolley alongside the mayo. I had no idea how I'd use it, but as we passed a pack of chapatis, a recipe--this recipe started to form in my mind.

Chapatis, from the perspective of a person of a non Indian or Pakistani background, resembles in texture and appearance, Mexican tortillas. Chapati, or roti, are unleavened breads popular in South Asian cuisine, often served with curries. The amazing thing about a chapati is that it's not just a bit of bread on the side. It's often used as a sort of edible spoon for scooping up bits of food. Check out this informative tutorial for how to eat with chapatis.

While I know that the any Indian or Pakistani readers might hang their head in shame and outrage at the gall of this post, I can't help but see these delightful round breads as tortillas! Blame it on my culinary upbringing, which was heavily-influenced by Mexican cuisine, but the fact remains: when I see a tortilla-shaped object, I just can't resist folding meat and sauce within it and eating it like a taco!

Oh, let's just get on with the recipe before I dig myself into a bit of a hole! :) I will say this--it's not the way chapatis were intended to be eaten, but I think it's quite tasty!

Zesty Mojito sauce and chicken tikka wraps from


For the Grilled Chicken Tikka Mojito Chapatis
Tikka-spiced cooked chicken breast strips
a pack of chapatis
Mojito sauce

A tray of grilled chicken tikka mojito chapati wraps from


Grilled Chicken Tikka Mojito Chapatis
  1. Tear open your packets of chicken tikka strips and your shop-bought chapatis
  2. Warm the chicken in a skillet for a few minutes
  3. Warm the chapatis in the microwave for 10 seconds or toss them in  griddle pan as I have done
  4. Wash and chop your lettuce and boil some water for you couscous
  5. Make up your couscous by pouring a desired amount of couscous into a bowl. Pour over an equal amount of water and allow to absorb for about five minutes. Fluff with a fork.
  6. Assemble your chapati wraps by spooning on a bit of couscous, followed by lettuce, chicken and finishing with a squirt of Mojito sauce.

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