Gluten Free Valentine's Day Red Velvet Pancakes with Nutella Cream Cheese Sauce

Monday, January 20, 2014

Serve up these delectable Red Velvet pancakes for an extra-sweet Valentine's Day treat! They're slathered with Nutella cream cheese sauce for a double hit of chocolate.
Valentine's Day Red Velvet Pancakes with Nutella Cream Cheese Sauce from
Serves 2 to 4

Valentine's Day Red Velvet Pancakes with Nutella Cream Cheese Sauce

This isn't your typical breakfast. It's basically cake with double the chocolate. And it is so delicious and it's guaranteed to get you and your Valentine's day off to a great start. Red Velvet cake is a dessert staple in the south in America and with this recipe, you can enjoy it first thing in the morning without too much of the guilt. I've ditched the traditional maple syrup that usually adorns American pancakes and whipped up a Nutella and cream cheese sauce instead.

These made-from-scratch pancakes are fluffy and won't disappoint. Serve them warm with lashings of the Nutella sauce. You could even try them with toasted hazelnuts or sprinkles scattered over the top. Throw chocolate chips into the batter or serve them with whipped cream. They can be customized in dozens of delicious ways so you can really make them your own.

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Valentine's Day Breakfast Treat: Red Velvet Pancakes with Nutella Cream Cheese Sauce from

Two stacks of Red Velvet pancakes for Valentine's breakfast from


For the red velvet pancakes
1 tsp Red Velvet emulsion
1 egg
1 cup gluten free flour*
1 cup milk
2 tsp baking powder
2 tbsp oil
*I used gluten free bread flour, but you can use any type of flour you have on hand. If you use self-rising flour, omit the baking powder.

For the Nutella cream cheese sauce
1 tsp vanilla extract
1 cup icing sugar/confectioner's sugar
4 tbsp Nutella
4 tbsp plain cream cheese
milk as needed

Red Velvet pancakes with Nutella sauce from

Easy Nutella Cream Cheese Sauce for Red Velvet Pancakes from


Valentine's Red Velvet Pancakes with Nutella Cream Cheese Sauce

For the pancakes
  1. Combine the flour and baking powder in a bowl.
  2. Whisk the egg, milk and oil in a separate jug.
  3. Add the wet ingredients to the dry ingredients and stir to combine. The mix will be lumpy.
  4. Heat a pan until hot. Toss in a slice of butter and pour in some of the pancake mix until the desired size size is reached.
  5. Flip the pancake when the surface is nearly completely covered in bubbles.
  6. Let cook about 30 to 45 seconds longer and then remove when the pancake no longer feels too squishy. (I like my pancakes slightly underdone at the center, to avoid this,cook longer on the second side.)
  7. Repeat for each pancake.
 For the Nutella cream cheese sauce
  1. Stir together the cream cheese, Nutella, sugar and vanilla.
  2. Add the milk, little by little, while stirring to form a glaze.
  3. If you would like a thick glaze, use less milk. Want it thinner? Use more milk.
Valentine's Red Velvet Pancakes with Nutella Cream Cheese Sauce from

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  1. You had me at Nutella and cream cheese! These look delicious!

  2. LOVE these! I need some now! Pinned to my Red Velvet board! Thanks for joining us at Marvelous Mondays

    1. Thank you for the pin, Paula! :) These were tasty!

  3. Oh my goodness these look amazing! I love the red pancakes :-)

  4. Nutella and cream cheese, who knew!?!? Must give it a go!

    1. Here in the UK, Cadbury & Philadelphia Cream Cheese produce a chocolate cream cheese that is so amazing and addictive! I thought if it could work with Cadbury, it can work with Nutella, too! It's is SOOOOOOOOOO good!

  5. These are so fun! My daughter would love the Nutella cream cheese sauce. Thank you for sharing at Simple Supper Tuesday.

    1. Thanks, Cindy! That Nutella cream cheese sauce has wormed its way onto many a dish now! Haha :D

  6. Now Anyonita, can you make sure my husband serves these to me in bed on Valentine's Day!

    1. Hahaha! Let me figure out to get my own husband to do that first! :D

  7. Wow! These look rich and wonderful! Thanks for sharing!

    1. Hi Jennifer,
      Yes, they are certainly rich! Certainly not for the breakfast faint-hearted as they'll get your day off to a sugary kick! Thanks for commenting!

  8. Love the idea of Nutella-cream cheese sauce. It must be damn delicious. I am featuring it this week in Tasty Tuesday- Chocolate Edition . Hope you’ll drop by to grab your featured badge. Have a great week !

    1. Thanks for the feature, Tanusree! :) Oh, that chocolate edition sounds delicious! Can't wait to see your roundup :D & you're right, that Nutella cream cheese sauce is DANGEROUSLY delicious!

  9. These look delicious! My daughter loves nutella and I'm sure she would enjoy these pancakes. Thank you for linking up with Foodie Friends Friday. I chose your recipe as my Host Favorite! It will be featured on Daily Dish Magazine on Monday!

    1. Aww you'll have to surprise her with these on Valentine's Day! :) Thanks for the feature & for stopping by!

  10. G'day and unusual! YUM!
    Thanks for sharing!
    Viewed as part of the Foodie Friends Friday Valentine's Day Party!
    Cheers! Joanne


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