How the heck do you pronounce your name?
If you're telling someone what to get from the grocery store, you might say: "Milk, eggs and you need a loaf of bread." That's how you pronounce my name: Ann-yo-need-a.
How long have you been blogging?
I've been blogging on various blogs since 1998. Anyonita Nibbles has been around since the summer of 2010.
Why Manchester? Don't you miss America?
I fell in love with Manchester during my undergrad, while studying abroad. I love how vibrant this city is and how multicultural it is. I can't imagine myself living anywhere else. Of course, there are things that I miss about America but at this point in time, my heart is in Manchester.

Who are Callum, Wayne and Marlow?
Wayne is my husband (Yes, he's British.) Callum is our son and Marlow is our daughter.
What do you do when you're not cooking?
I like to travel and knit and run a knitting Etsy shop, Rainy City Knits!
Who takes your photos?
Me! Every now and then my husband, who has taught me a lot about photography, gets involved, too!
What kind of camera do you use?
I'm strictly a Canon girl. I use either a Canon EOS1000D or a Canon EOS 30D. I use a variety of lenses, but my favourites are an EFS 18-55mm lens with ultraviolet filter and an EFS 17-85mm lens with an ultraviolet filter or an EFS 50mm lens with ultraviolet filter.
How do you do your lighting?
I just use natural lighting. Which can be tricky in Manchester since it's so rainy and since our flat isn't the best for letting in natural light. To get around this, I try to take all my photos early in the day in the winter and outside (when it's dry!) in the summer. Occasionally I'll use a white foam board to bounce light and pretty much never use a flash.
Can I use one of your photos?
Sure, but please do not crop out any text or watermarks and link back in full to my site, preferably the page or post where you got the photo from.
I'm a new blogger. Can you give me some advice on blogging?
Work hard. Don't expect perks and benefits your first year, establish yourself and then let the perks roll on in. If you need more specific advice, check out my Blogging Crash Course or send me an email.
Will you work with my brand or business?
Quite possibly! Check out my media page for more information on the work I do with brands and get in touch! 
Where do your recipes come from?
Mostly from me. When this isn't the case, I try to always give credit on the actual post.
Do you have any culinary training?
None at all. I didn't even take Home Ec in high school, so I'm completely self-taught.
What are your favorite cookbooks?
I'm always reaching for Nigella's Kitchen, The Little Paris Kitchen and any of the Masterchef cookbooks that are on my shelf. I'm a big fan of supermarket magazines and a lot of my recipe inspiration comes from those.
Do you eat everything you post?
Absolutely everything... 
Why don't you give specifications for salt and pepper?
Telling someone how much salt to use is like telling them how to eat an Oreo. Everybody's tastes vary, what might be just the right amount of salt for me might be too much or too little for you. Cook for your tastes, use my recipes as a guide, and you won't be disappointed.

Do I have to strictly follow your recipe?
Flavoring and seasonings in recipes (herbs, spices etc) should be used as a guide, not a rule. If you really like cinnamon but hate cumin, feel free to increase or decrease the amounts according to your own tastes. You will be the one eating the food and you're the one doing the work in making it;it should be what you like. Of course, if you're following one of my recipes for baking (especially macarons, cakes, cookies and bread) you'll need to follow these precisely as baking is often about scientific precision.

How do you measure and weigh your ingredients?
I weigh most of my dry ingredients in grams for precision and use US cup sizes when I use cups and US teaspoons and tablespoons when I use these measurements, unless otherwise stated.

How many calories are in this recipe?
Calorie-counting isn't a favorite past time of mine, but there are loads of apps and websites where you can plug in ingredients and get the entire nutritional breakdown of any recipe.

Are you gluten free?
I am because I have Coeliac Disease.

What types of gluten free flours do you use?
Mostly rice flour and almond flour. But I also use tapioca flour, chestnut flour, chickpea/besan flour, corn flour/starch, and gluten free variants of ready-mixed bread flour, plain or all-purpose flour and self-raising or self-rising flour. Don't forget your xanthan gum and gluten free baking powder!

I think I might have Coeliac Disease or a Gluten Intolerance! What should I do?
First and foremost, you should seek medical guidance. You can find out a lot about Coeliac Disease online and in books and magazines, but this shouldn't take the place of having a chat with your medical professional just to rule out any other issues.

What one tip do you have for new diagnosees?
Gluten is in lots of stuff. Learn how to read the labels to determine what you can eat. There are apps and websites that will help you but try not to rely on these.You'll feel more empowered if you know what you can and cannot have.

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