Gluten Free Five Minute Raspberry & Rosemary Sorbet

Sunday, June 17, 2012

Tangy raspberries sing summertime. They're quintessential summer fruits: plump and bursting with juice and a slight sourness. I love them when they've made into a sauce, when they've been dried and stuck a top chunks of smooth white chocolate and especially when they've been incorporated into a heat-quenching cool sorbet or ice cream.

This is a  perfect summery recipe--versatile, a crowd pleaser and super fast! This sorbet is a healthy alternative to ice cream and is kind to your waistline. What's more, it's completely free on Slimming World's Extra Easy plan and it's ready for the freezer in less than five minutes!


For the raspberry and rosemary sorbet:
1/4tsp rosemary, dried or fresh
1tbsp Truvia, no calorie sugar substitute
350g frozen raspberries
450g fat free raspberry yogurt

alright, let's cook:

For the sorbet, put the frozen raspberries, yogurt, sugar substitute and rosemary into a food process.

Pulse for a few minutes until just incorporated and smooth. Decant into shallow, freezer-friendly container. Freeze for at least an hour and serve when it is semi-soft. 


Servings: 4
Amount Per Serving 
Calories:                  102.1
Total Fat:                 0.6g
Cholesterol:            0
Sodium:                  100mg
Total Carbs:           19.5g
Dietary Fiber:       9.1g
Protein:                 6.6g
Vitamin B-12:        63%

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