Gluten-Free Copycat Sonic Watermelon Fresh Fruit Slush

Wednesday, July 24, 2013

A watermelon slush is a perfect refreshing drink that can be enjoyed for pleasure or as part of a detox regime!
Copycat Sonic Watermelon Fresh Fruit Slush from
 Waters 4 thirsty adults or 2 dehydrated adults

Ah, Sonic. That mecca of drinks and sundaes. Where burgers and rollerskates mix and tater tots get the business with chili and cheese. Growing up, Sonic was always a popular spot to pull in and have a drink after school. Unfortunately, Sonic hasn't made it's way across the pond and there are no drive-in fast food restaurants either.

 Inspired by the drinks of my childhood, a hint of nostalgia and with fresh watermelon to use up, I pulled out the blender and made this refreshing cooler. It's clearly not alcoholic (although that could easily be rectified) but my husband and I sipped this on the couch after Callum had gone to bed while watching TV.

Two glasses of homemade watermelon slushie from


For the watermelon slush
1 tsp sugar
3 cups fresh seedless watermelon, roughly chopped
3 tbsp water or watermelon juice
few cubes of ice
drop or two lemon juice


Copycat Sonic Watermelon Fresh Fruit Slush

1. Blitz some ice in a blender until crushed
2. Add the watermelon, its juice or water, sugar and lemon juice.
3. Continue to blitz until desired consistency is reached.
4. Serve up and slurp it back! 

Four ingredient watermelon fresh fruit slush Sonic copycat from

Make it your own by leaving out the sugar and add in a bit of salt or mint. You could even add some strawberries or fresh lemon or lime. Enjoy this slush as a cool treat or 86 the ice and down it as an infused water. Gulp it down post workout or sip it as part of a detox regime. 

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  1. I have to try this! I LOVE Copycat recipes! This looks like a very refreshing fruit slush!

  2. I have never had a watermelon slush at Sonic, but I confess I am a huge fan of their Diet Cherry Limeaide Chillers! I've been known to pay my kids to go out and get me one in the evenings! haha I'd love to give this Sonic Copycat a try sometime!

  3. G'day! Looks very healthy indeed Anyonita!
    Cheers! Joanne @ What's On The List

  4. This looks so good right now, hottest day of the year so far & I'm all for this!!!

  5. Sonic Copycat recipe? This recipe hits all of my buttons! Copycat Sonic Watermelon Fresh Fruit Slush just reminds me of goodtimes in the summer! I have to make this! Thank you so much for saring a wonderful, cool , and refreshing slush recipe!

  6. I happen to have half of a seedless watermelon that us begging to be made on to this smoothie! Looks so refreshing!

  7. It is SO hot here today! I would LOVE a Sonic Watermelon fresh fruit slush!!! Looks so good!


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