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Thursday, August 15, 2013

Why, When & How to Watermark Blog Photos

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Use Markerkly to Make your Posts Viral from
When a photo or post spreads across the internet like wildfire, it's said to be viral or to have virality. Viral posts sell. 

When people see something like they, they share it. But only when it's easy for them to do so. Today, I want to share a tool that every blogger should use for fostering virality. 

Markerly makes it easy for any photo or text to be shared quickly across a variety of social media platforms, all you have to do is copy and paste.

Let's jump right in. There are hundreds of sharing widgets on the web, but none quite like Markerly.
If you've been reading blogs for any amount of time, I'm sure you've seen those image hover Pinterest buttons. They look something like this:

Boring old Pinterest Pin It Hover BUtton from

Pretty handy, right? Right. But why stop there?! The brilliant people at Markerly have written a fancy bit of code that lets you (or your readers) share your photos and text in more ways than just Pinterest. Take a look at what happens when you hover over an image on Anyonita Nibbles:

Hover your mouse over this deliciously sinful dessert:

Oreo Overload Brownies made with Oreo Butter from

Did you see the Markerly magic in the top left corner? It should have looked like this:
Blog photos optimized with Markerly from
Love it? Want it too? Here's what you do:

1. Go to
2. Follow these simple steps
How to use Markerly for your blog from

3. Create an account & get your code!
4. Paste your code into the main HTML on your blog. (If you're on Bloger, you'll need to paste into the Edit HTML section of your blog's template.)
5. Sign in from time to time to check your Markerly analytics! Your analytics will tell you things related to your settings. Here's a look at my most engaged with photos:

Markerly also allows you to see your image's analytics from

As you can see from that image, I can also check out my analytics as a general overview, look at the text that's been shared as well as the pages that have been shared too. (Keep in mind that these are only shares via the Markerkly tools. If people use the Pin It bookmarklet or share using the options at the bottom of my post, then these results won't be displayed here.)

Using Markerly on your blog will not only encourage virality, but it will help to gauge which aspect of your post is garnering the most attention: text, image or the whole lot. Once you know what types of things are being shard the most, you can tweak your strategy to capitalize on it.

With Markerly, you don't have to just encourage sharing through Pinterest, an important aspect of virality and blogging is being able to engage across multiple platforms and then determine which is best for your blog. That's what I love most about Markerly.

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