Peppermint Marshmallow Rice Cake Treats (Guest Post)

Monday, December 23, 2013

A festive twist on marshmallow treats made with rice cakes and peppermint!
Peppermint Marshmallow Rice Cakes Treats from Anyonita Nibbles

How to Code a Grab Button for your Blog

Thursday, December 19, 2013

How to Code a Grab Button for Blog Posts

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How to Code a Grab Button for Your Blog from

One of the things I get asked to help out with most is creating grab buttons for my fellow bloggers. For some reason this necessary blog item seems shrouded in mystery and approached tentatively.

But there's no need, guys. Creating a grab button is easy peasy! By the end of this tutorial, you'll be a dab hand at it, too! I'm going to show you how to code a grab button for your blog or website.

This code should work with Blogger, Wordpress and any website where you have access to the HTML. 

In terms of location, you can put the code anywhere you have access to the HTML: in blog posts, footers and sidebars or even in the body of your marketing emails. Let's get on it!

Gluten Free Boxing Day Jewelled Rice

Wednesday, December 18, 2013

This delicious rice dish is perfect for using up leftover turkey! Serve it as a hot main course or a cold salad.
Boxing Day Jewelled Rice Recipe from
Serves 8

Boxing Day Jewelled Rice 

Turkey is the best thing about Christmas. Hands down, no question. But by the third day or so, I get a bit turkeyed out. This easy rice dish is a delicious and versatile way to use up leftover turkey this holiday season! It echoes the flavors of a traditional Christmas meal with cranberries, orange juice and zest. The flaked almonds add a nice crunch, as does the delicate bite of wild rice.

In all honesty, we made this dish using leftover Thanksgiving turkey, but will most likely recreate it in the days after Christmas, too. You can plan to serve this dish cold as a salad or hot as a main or side dish. It was so hearty and filing that we ate it as a main course.If you want to serve it cold, make it with olive oil instead of butter.
This recipe was adapted from Good Food magazine.
Jewelled wild rice recipe for the holidays from

Tasty Tuesdays #41 + Call for Your Best Posts from the Year

Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Each week, our team of 10 amazing bloggers hosts this fabulous party! We're so glad that you've stopped by to party with us!
Without you, we wouldn't have a party at all. So we think you're pretty special and deserve to benefit from linking up with us each week. Here's how:

Gluten Free Brown Sugar Baked Wings with Red Pepper Ricotta Sauce Recipe

Monday, December 16, 2013

These brown sugar wings are baked to perfection and served with slightly spicy red pepper ricotta dip!  Perfect for tailgating or parties!
Sweet Brown Sugar Baked Wings with Red Pepper Ricotta Sauce from Perfect #party #food #yum
Serves at least 4

Sweet Brown Sugar Baked Wings with Red Pepper Ricotta Sauce 

It's not a party until someone pulls out the wings! And these sweet baked wings are delicious! They're crispy and crunchy and they've got a lovely sweetness to them. Paired with the red pepper ricotta sauce, these are the ultimate party snack!

This recipe was inspired by a popular Pinterest wings dish that calls for goat cheese instead of ricotta. I'm not a fan of goat's cheese but I really wanted to make try the red pepper sauce so, out came the ricotta! It works beautifully, I think. These wings have a secret ingredient in them that will have everyone coming back for me: smoked paprika. If you've not discovered the amazing umami powers of smoked paprika, be prepared for an amazing explosion of flavor.

Making Truffles with a Nokia Lumia 925

Saturday, December 14, 2013

Photos are a big part of having a food blog. Not only do they make your blog look interesting but they also encourage your readers to try your recipes. After all, we do eat with our eyes.

Gluten Free White Spaghetti with Prosciutto Recipe

Friday, December 13, 2013

Spaghetti is dressed in a rich sauce of butter, cream and milk and tossed with lots of pepper and a sprinkling of prosciutto in this elegant pasta dish!
White Spaghetti with Prosciutto from

Serves 4

White Spaghetti with Prosciutto 

This White Spaghetti is one of those quick dishes that I reach for when we need something wholesome and filling in a hurry. It's a nod to spaghetti carbonara, but it's different in itself. I love the flavor of the smoked garlic with the cream and then all the pepper makes it slightly fiery and very sophisticated. The cheese helps to keep little ones interested and the prosciutto adds a nice touch of salt without being overpowering.

This would make an excellent dish when you have company--not a dinner party dish, necessarily, but when you find yourself unexpectedly entertaining. You could swap the prosciutto for flaked fresh tuna or boiled paper-thin discs of new potatoes. I know what you're thinking, potatoes and pasta?! Sacrebleu! But trust me, it would taste phenomenal.

Back to the recipe, though, you'll love this spaghetti. The punch of garlic, the ballsy pepper and the sweet cream and milk and rich butter...they all combine to make an indulgent plate of comfort food.

Overhead shot of white #spaghetti with #prosciutto from makes a perfect #quick #weeknight meal the whole #family will love.

7 Organizational Habits of Superstar Bloggers + Free Blog Organization Kit

Thursday, December 12, 2013

7 Organizational Habits of Superstar Bloggers

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Seven Organizational Habits of Superstar Bloggers + Free Blogging Organizer Kit from

Getting organized about my blogging has made a huge difference! Not only can I see what I've achieved, I also can see where I need to do better the following month.

I often get emails from readers and fellow bloggers asking for tips on staying organized and staying on top of my posts. So I thought, when would be a more perfect time to share my techniques with you than just before the start of the new year? This way, you can start the year off right with a well-organized blog! 

To help you get organized, I've got a free blogger's organization kit for you to download! Inside the kit you'll find 4 printables:
* a 2014 calender--each month has its own page with space for recording when your posts will be published
* a 2014 social media statistics tracker--2 per page with space to record your progress at the start and end of each month
* a customizable daily blogging task sheet
* a customizable weekly blogging task sheet

Gluten Free Tipsy Caramel Apple Popcorn with Apple-Infused Vodka Recipe

Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Sweet apple leather, cinnamon, vanilla sugar and a syrup of apple-infused vodka coat freshly popped popcorn in this delicious sweet and salty treat!
Tipsy Caramel Apple Popcorn from
Serves 2 to 4

Tipsy Caramel Apple Popcorn with Apple-Infused Vodka 

Popcorn is one of my go-to treats. I'm not sure what it is about it, but ever since I was a child, I was obsessed by it and always looked forward to devouring those multi-flavor popcorn tins at Christmastime. This tipsy caramel apple popcorn is a more sophisticated approach on a childhood favorite treat. Delicious popcorn gets dressed in a sweet combo of cinnamon, vanilla sugar and apple vodka syrup. Scatter over some homemade apple leather pieces and you've got a classic on your hands.

If you want to do this recipe justice, there's a bit of advanced prep required for the apple-infused vodka and for the apple leather. I left my vodka and apples infusing for a month for using it in this recipe. Alternatively, Apple Bite vodka would work if you're in a pinch.

I made this for an afternoon snack but it'll go down well at a Christmas party or even, if you package it nicely, as a Christmas present! I popped my own popcorn for this recipe, but if you prefer, it tastes just as well with microwave popcorn. Just make sure your get sweet and not buttery or salty popcorn. And while this recipe contains alcohol, the cooking of the syrup burns off the alcohol. However, you may decide to reserve this specific batch of popcorn as an adults only treat.
Close up of Tipsy Caramel Apple Popcorn from

Tasty Tuesdays #40 + Free Advertising on Anyonita Nibbles

Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Each week, our team of 10 amazing bloggers hosts this fabulous party! We're so glad that you've stopped by to party with us!
Without you, we wouldn't have a party at all. So we think you're pretty special and deserve to benefit from linking up with us each week. Here's how:

Gluten Free Tiramisu "Oreo" Truffles Recipe

Monday, December 9, 2013

This divinely indulgent dessert is a cinch to make! Chocolate cookie crumbs are mixed with mascarpone cheese and covered in milk chocolate then sprinkled with more cookie crumbs and instant coffee.
Tiramisu Oreo Truffles by Makes perfect edible Christmas gifts; only uses 4 ingredients & requires no baking! Pin to make later!
Makes 30 truffles

Tiramisu Oreo Truffles 

Tiramisu is the veritable nectar of the gods. And don't even get me started on chocolate sandwich cookies. There's not many wrongs that these humble cookies can't right. Combine the two and you've got an utterly indulgent dessert. But this is the kind of dessert I love. There's no baking! And only four ingredients! And no proper measuring, either. It's a bona fide, hands-off classic that's full of flavor. Something that tastes this good but requires virtually no effort is a ... culinary weapon of mass destruction.

This recipe started with our monthly trip to Costco. En route to the diapers, we passed a chocolate sandwich cookie display. A box of 20 packs. Each pack containing 6 cookies. Even for me and the toddler, that's a lot of cookies to get through. Still, I couldn't resist the cheap price and the lure of having a mountain of cookies on hand. A few days after procuring the cookie goldmine and only nibbling my way through a measly one packet, my husband requested a dessert for a work Christmas party. Huzzah! Out came the cookies and on went the thinking cap and these little spheres of delight were born.

They are truly delicious, guys. Two adults and a toddler gobbled up half of these in a single weekend. Make loads and be prepared to share the recipe, because anyone who takes a bite of these is going to want to make them for themselves!
A bowl of indulgent tiramisu Oreo truffles from

How to Add Recipe Rich Pins the Easy Way!

Thursday, December 5, 2013

How to Add Recipe Rich Pins the Easy Way!

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How to add Recipe Rich Pins the easy way from
Pinterest Rich Pins are pins on steroids. They include vital information that you'll want pinners to see and displays it in a structured format.

Instead of populating the pin description box with information you want all pinners to see, such as ingredients or cooking time, you can leave this information to the rich pin format.

Rich pins are also valuable for bloggers because they automatically update themselves when changes are made on the page that they are linked to. Rich pins also make it easy for pinners to identify your brand and encourages them to visit your blog. Think of rich pins like a teaser: pinners will see the basic information (the ingredients in the recipe) for the instructions, they are encouraged to and they must click on the pin and visit your website, fostering a boost in traffic.

In this tutorial, I'll show you how to easily incorporate rich pins on your blog in a few simple steps.

Individual Baked Gluten Free Brioche French Toast with Pecan Praline Recipe

Wednesday, December 4, 2013

This French toast is lovely and rich and oven-baked for a crispy top and slightly gooey center. This gluten and dairy-free breakfast is perfect for Christmas Eve!
Individual Baked Brioche French Toast with Pecan Praline by
Serves 2

Individual Baked Brioche French Toast with Pecan Praline 

Let me deconstruct this for you: warm, vanilla brioche wrapped in a blanket of soft egg with almond milk, cinnamon, brown sugar and vanilla all sitting beneath a crunchy pecan praline with brown sugar and maple syrup. This French toast recipe is divine. It's easy to make, too and since you just pop it in the oven, you don't have to stand over a skillet, waiting to turn egg and milk-soaked slices of bread.

For me, that's always the tricky part of traditional French toast (or eggy bread, as it's called here in the UK)--trying to flip it over without tearing it. With this method, though, you let the bread soak up some of the sweet egg and milk mixture and then cover it with praline and into the oven it goes! It really couldn't be any easier.

This is the type of recipe that would be great shared with a family over the holidays. Can you imagine putting this on the table for Christmas Eve breakfast? I can guarantee this, if you do, it will get devoured. My husband, who doesn't even like French toast, wolfed his down. And my soon-to-be two year old son, had his breakfast and then part of mine! This is a great family recipe and so long as you use gluten-free brioche and dairy-free butter, it's completely gluten and dairy free!
This recipe was adapted from Shopgirl Maria.

New Look! Tasty Tuesdays #39

Tuesday, December 3, 2013

I just wanted to send a big thank you to everyone who was interested in hosting Tasty Tuesdays with me! The response was overwhelming & I'm so sad that I couldn't include everyone. I'll be emailing you all individually in the next few days.  Also, a big thank you & welcome to the party to the my fab hostesses! Let's rock this, girls!
Each week, our team of 10 amazing bloggers hosts this fabulous party! We're so glad that you've stopped by to party with us!
Without you, we wouldn't have a party at all. So we think you're pretty special and deserve to benefit from linking up with us each week. Here's how:

Gluten Free Vegan Honeyed Avocado Ice Cream

Honeyed Avocado Ice Cream from

Christmas Spiced Nutella Cocoa with Gluten Free Gingersnap Rimmer Recipe

Monday, December 2, 2013

This hot cocoa is made with velvety Nutella and finished with a crunch of festive gingersnap rimmer!
Christmas Spiced Nutella Cocoa with Gingersnap Rimmer from
Serves 2

Christmas Spiced Nutella Cocoa with Gingersnap Rimmer 

Take a basic hot cocoa to the next level with a rimmer made from gingersnap cookies! I used Nutella for the cocoa because there's no easier way to make cocoa than by using Nutella! It's already soft-set so all you need to do is warm it. No mysterious powders, no spending ages melting chocolate on the stove, either.

 While I love clearly love Nutella cocoa (proof, proof and proof), the best bit about this particular cocoa recipe is the gingersnap rimmer! It adds a nice crunch and an unexpected Christmas-y flavor to the drink. I served my cocoa with a dollop of whipped cream, but this is completely optional.

An early version of this recipe by Anyonita Nibbles appeared in a newsletter for Savoo.