TGI Friday's Burger Blind Date | Get your #burgerface on

Friday, May 9, 2014

Get your #burgerface on with TGI Friday's and 8 sultry burger contestants, all vying for your affections. Plus, find out how to order off the menu like a rock star.
I attended an excluvsive Burger Blind Date at TGI Friday's in Manchester and showed my #burgerface.

TGI Friday's Burger Blind Date | Get Your #burgerface on

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The email came through last week inviting me to step into the ultra trendy world of blind dating. Except, this wasn't going to be your usual blind date. The string of eligible bachelors (and bachelorettes!) we were presented with had just gotten back from somewhere warm, so they had a lovely bronze glow.

They brought a portion of deep fried friends along and all came sporting a sassy attitude and an incredible flavor. Ketchup was optional and to be honest, wholly unneeded as most of these burgers were accessorized with their own distinct sauces, but I'm getting way ahead of myself.

TGI Friday's Burger Blind Date. Get your #burgerface on.
Props to my husband who snagged this amazing shot.
I had been invited to attend a special night at one of my local TGI Friday's restaurants that would make the carb crazy convulse with excitement: it was a burger blind date. I've often joked about courting or even marrying food, but it was never an option. Until Wednesday night where I entered the deliciously bizarre world of picking my dinner like it was a contestant on a gameshow.

At this particular TGI Friday's, a swanky layout attached to one of the theaters in Manchester, we were escorted up stairs near the kitchen to the mezzanine level with red leather booths and a private bar. Friday's had given us our very own bar staff for the evening and when we arrived, they were busy whipping up drinks for other bloggers, well into their protein date.
Round the bar at TGI Friday's

My actual date for this blind date was my husband, Wayne. We sat at the bar and waited to be served. Leah, our amazing libations wizard, asked what types of flavors I like. I like my cocktails fruity and boozy and usually opt for fruit-filled classics like strawberry margaritas or daiquiris or martinis made with fruit purees. As soon as I rattled off my list of likes, she came back with a creation of her own: the Ella Noir. A sultry, sexy drink that just slips down. Leah entered this drink into the TGI Friday's corporate bartender competition and nabbed second place. In my opinion, she was robbed. This drink is simply stunning.

Leah, the creator of Manchester's exclusive Ella Noir

Husband, who isn't a huge cocktail drinker, opted for something off the menu and went with a red velvet topped with a tangy egg white foam. His was delicious, too, but it was no Ella Noir! 

From the master bartenders at TGI Friday's. You can only get the Ella Noir in Manchester.

With drinks in hand, it was time to embark on our date. We crossed the mezzanine overlooking the kitchen and were led to our table and the gist of the evening was explained in detail. Here's the condensed version: we were given menus. Each burger was listed not by its name, but as a contestant. There were 8 contestants. And each contestant was paired with a cocktail or beer.

The burger blind date: an event from TGI Friday's

To aid us in making our decision, the contestants had little blurbs beneath them, that were meant to entice and woo us. In the end, I went for contestant number 6 and Wayne had contestant number 8.
TGI Friday's Burger Blind Date Menu

Here's what the blurbs said:
Contestant 6: I'll keep this simple. One night with me and you'll be seeing stars and stripes all night.
Partner in Crime: Long Island Iced Tea

TGI Friday's Gluten Free, Classic American burger

My burger was served on gluten free bread because TGI Friday's is cool like that and allergy friendly. You can order any burger on gluten free bread, so if you've got an intolerance, speak up; they'll accommodate coeliacs and other food allergies and intolerances, too.

Contestant 8: I've got a secret to tell. Wanna know what it is? Then ask for Jack...
Partner in Crime: Jack's Southern Belle

There's a secret burger at TGI Friday's that not on the menu. Here's how to order it.

And here's the drink that went with my husband's burger.

TGI Friday's drink, Jack's Southern Belle

It was far too bitter for me, but he enjoyed it.

Let me let you in on a little secret. That burger my husband had isn't on the menu. But you can still order it (and totally feel like a rock star, too)! Impress your friends the next time you go to TGI Friday's and score an exclusive word-of-mouth burger. Trust me, it's sensational. It's crispy, a bit spicy but completely delicious and it features Friday's legendary Jack Daniel's sauce. If you want to try this burger, when you place your order, simply say, "I'm having what Jack's having." That's it. Try it out! You wont be disappointed.

During the evening, the TGI Friday's photographer went around snapping shots of our #burgerfaces. He took a photo of everyone taking their first bite of the burger and before we left, they were printed out and framed for us to take home! I was tweeting and Instagramming during the evening and captured our #burgerfaces. Don't laugh too loudly:

Getting our #burgerfaces on.

After burgers and more drinks from the bar, a TGI Friday's employee and magician stopped by our table for a couple of really impressive card tricks.

Ron is Magic the close-up magician

If you love card tricks, you've got to check him out. He's on Twitter and Facebook and G+: +ronismagic 
Eventually, our night came to an end. Our burger blind date had been a success and we were thoroughly impressed with the entire evening, the food (we've always been die-hard Friday's fans, though) and the staff, who were impeccable as always. It was terrific to the last bite.

The off-the-menu burger at TGI Friday's is good to the last bite.

Can't get to TGI Friday's but want to make your own incredible burgers? Try these & make your own #burgerface:

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  1. Its 9Am and I am totally craving a burger right now - probably will until I get one - these look delicious! Excited to know about the secret burger, I'm definitely going to be "having what Jack's having" next time I'm at TGIF!

  2. OK, soooo wanting to go eat there right now! Yum! I love the looks of that drink, too Anyonita!

  3. That looks like so much fun! The burgers look fantastic, but I wanna try that Ella Noir!

  4. Anyonita, I'm more determined than ever now that you and Wayne move to Albany! LOL. Oh what fun! That looks like that most amazing night and I wish I could have been there too! The food looks delish!

  5. What a fun evening with yummy goodies!

  6. This was such a fun post to read! Love your pinky up in the Burger Bite photo!!! TJI Fridays is such a fun place to eat! I love their jack daniels sauce! What can I say? I am a 'saucy' gal! lol xoxoxo

  7. Very strange, comments now OK - weird indeed. Sounds like you had a great evening. Until I saw your post earlier this week I didn't know that TGI Fridays was still going.


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