National Milk Day with Daioni Welsh Organic Milk

Friday, December 26, 2014

Celebrate National Milk Day on 11 January 2015, with Daioni Welsh Organic Milk!
Daioni Welsh Organic Chocolate Milk from

National Milk Day with Daioni

11 January 2015 marks the anniversary of the first day milk was delivered in glass bottles in the UK. Daioni, the Welsh organic milk company is celebrating National Milk Day with a new range, the UK's first range of flavoured organic milk. With milk available in chocolate, strawberry and banana flavours, Daioni hopes the new flavours will inspire parents and children alike to drink more milk.

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Studies reveal that only 25% of boys between the ages of 9 and 13 get enough calcium and less than 10% of girls consume the necessary amount of calcium. This National Milk Day and throughout the year, find new ways of keeping your kids' thirsts quenched with calcium.

Drink your Daioni chocolate milk to celebrate National Milk Day from
Allow your kids to drink their milk straight out of the carton or come up with new, fun recipes.Use Daioni's milk to make these recipes for your family and celebrate National Milk Day:

3 Ways to Celebrate National Milk Day

Banana Red Velvet Cake Shake from

Berry & rainbow chard smoothie from

Gluten Free Nesquik & Nutella Popsicles from

Enjoy National Milk Day! 
11 January 2105, National Milk Day from

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