Gluten Free Strawberry & Blueberry Smoothie Bowl

Monday, January 18, 2016

Start your morning on the right foot with this healthy gluten free smoothie bowl filled with goodness!
Gluten Free Strawberry & Blueberry Smoothie Bowl |

Yield: 1 smoothie bowl
Prep time:

Gluten Free Strawberry & Blueberry Smoothie Bowl

I've been on and off the smoothie wagon multiple times in my life. Usually, I start out incredibly excited about smoothie making. All that fresh fruit! The blender! The ease and convenience! But then, about two weeks into having freezing cold hands from sipping icy smoothies, I begin to get fed up. I also get quite annoyed with the fact that drinking my breakfast somehow doesn't seem to register with my body that I'd actually had breakfast. I need to lift a fork or a spoon to my mouth.

And then there were smoothie bowls. All the fruit-filled fun of a smoothie without the frostbitten fingers! Plus, there's a spoon involved! I silently observed the smoothie bowl trend for a good few months before I decided to take the plunge and try one myself. I won't lie; I was skeptical. Now? I'm converted.

A gluten free smoothie bowl with berries and granola from

There's something fun about slurping an ice-cold smoothie off of a spoon. Something satisfying about the way its eaten, too. I think it goes back to that mind over matter thing, but I felt completely filled up after having eaten this smoothie bowl. Maybe the granola and the blueberries helped with that; I'm not sure.

There are three best things about this smoothie bowl:
  1. It's stupidly easy to make. You cannot screw this up.
  2. It's so good for you. No added sugar; no honey. (My version would be better for your health if you swap out the luxuriously decadent and creamy Greek yogurt and opted for something fat free, but everything in moderation. Especially fat-free Greek yogurt.)
  3. Look! The colours! 
Vibrant smoothie bowl made with Greek yogurt, strawberries, blueberries and gluten free granola from


For the smoothie bowl
1 pot Greek style yogurt (I used Oykos strawberry)
frozen strawberries, to taste
frozen blueberries, to taste
gluten free granola
dried blueberries

Gluten Free Berry Smoothie Bowl


  1. Tumble a pot of yogurt into a bowl, blender or food processor.
  2.  Add your frozen blueberries and strawberries - as much as you'd like. 
  3. Blitz the fruit and yogurt together. If you're doing this in a bowl, you'll need an immersion or stick blender.
  4. Once smooth but thick enough to hug the spoon (not as smooth as you would make it if you were drinking this smoothie through a straw), stop blending.
  5. Top the smoothie with a handful of gluten free granola and dried blueberries or any other fruit, seeds or nuts you prefer.

What's not to love about a gluten free smoothie bowl for a healthy breakfast? From

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  1. Anyonita, thanks so much for sharing this over at Let's Get Real. I am a big fan of smoothies and I like to make them extra thick. I think a bowl is probably a way better option than a straw and a glass. I bet the granola on top is really delicious too. I'm going to make this one for my daughter and I tomorrow for breakfast. She is going to love it. I bet she will think that I am serving her ice-cream for breakfast.


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