Simple Gluten Free Spaghetti Carbornara & Stuffed Peppers

Thursday, June 24, 2010

Call me superstitious, but at one point in my life (well, a recurring point) the word carbonara makes me cringe. Something that tastes this good, how can it not be bad for you?! Carb is in the name! That's a snippet of the conversation I have with myself whenever I see carbonara on a restaurant menu. Incidentally, I normally flip a few pages back to Insalta, trying to (unsuccessfully) trick my palate into believing it doesn't want carbonara at all.
I'm sure you can figure out who wins the contest between palate and waistline.

A few nights ago, I had this same conversation while standing in my kitchen before my dry erase board, planning out the week's menu. Spaghetti carbonara I scrawled on the board next to "W" for Wednesday. Almost immediately, in an attempt to counter the carb, I added with stuffed peppers. Peppers are vegetables, right? That has to count for something! That's my palate validating my brash belly-driven decision to my waistline. It was a done deal, for once the white board pen has projected the menu on the board, it cannot be scathed. (That was an impromptu rule I made up, ensuring that I could have my beloved carbonara.)

Tuesday came and I happily bounded into the kitchen to start dinner. Yes, you read that write. In my desire for carbonara I completely skipped a day on the menu! Oh well, the first incision was made into my bundle of beautiful bright orange peppers and there was no turning back. Halving, deseeding and oiling was followed by "stuffing" with deseeded plum tomato and Applewood cheddar and a sprinkling of oregano. Into the grill/broiler for 10 minutes and wahlah. Quick (and tasty) stuffed pepper appetizer!
Next was time for the coups de grace of the meal. Yup, the carbonara. To begin with, I separated two egg yolks into a bowl and added half a tub of Philadelphia cream cheese to it. I mixed it with an electric mixer/whisk. Next up was the pancetta. I fried the pancetta in a teaspoon of oil in a wok while my spaghetti cooked in a sauce pot. When the pancetta was cooked, I added chicken stock to it before adding the noodles, followed by the eggs and cream cheese. I seasoned with salt, white pepper, basil and oregano and sprinkled with parmesan before serving with marinaded pork rib steaks.

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