Gluten Free Prosciutto & Parmigiano Reggiano Omelet with Glazed Bacon

Saturday, August 21, 2010

Prosciutto and Parmigiano Reggiano Omelet with Glazed Bacon

One year during my undergrad, I went to Florida with a friend for spring break. While down there, I had my first experience with prosciutto. It was layered on one of the most amazing sandwiches I have ever tasted. The prosciutto was slightly warm and had an unmistakable full-on sweet & salty flavor with a hint of acceptable bitterness. I was hooked.

Years later while in Milan, I stumbled to a sandwich van parked in the square outside of Il Duomo. I handed the dark-faced man in the shade of the van a few Euro coins and he handed me a simple sandwich: cold & salty raw prosciutto with runny mozzarella cheese, sandwiched on a crusty Italian baguette-type bread.

Yesterday while grocery shopping, I came across a packet of prosciutto on special offer. I was in the deli section picking up some chorizo and thought, Why not? It's been long enough, and tossed the prosciutto into the cart.

This morning, with the sun shining in my face & my stomach growling, I sought to combine the prosciutto with Italian flavors to make an omelet. My flavors of choice were fresh basil from my windowsill garden and parmigiano reggiano. I threw in some tomatoes for added acidity & because what's an omelet without vine-ripened tomatoes? A little bit of salt & pepper & some cinnamon. Well, quite a bit of cinnamon, to ensure that the flavor came through. I served it up with oven-cooked bacon with a brown sugar glaze.

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