Gluten Free Creamy Chive and Basil Pesto with Linguine

Wednesday, February 13, 2013

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Pasta with a fresh pesto sauce is a dinner that's hard to beat in my house. We're pasta mad here--from fusili to lumache, ravioli to linguine, we love it.

And I'm always looking for new ways to liven it up, because spaghetti bolognese just gets so boring! This dish is simple: big bowl of linguine with trimmed green beans tossed in and saturated with a moreish creamy pesto.

But not just any pesto, this pesto has a kick of garlic chives and lemon pepper. And to really make it sing? A hearty combo of grated and soft cheese.

I was impressed with how quick it was to whip up. It was my first homemade pesto attempt and it came together easily. In fact, this whole meal from pantry to table takes about 10 minutes. Fifteen if you have to keep running into the living room to disentangle a mischievous toddler!

You'll Need:
Gluten Free Linguine
Garlic Chives
Fresh Basil
Parmesan cheese, grated
Fresh green beans
Cream cheese
Chicken stock
Salt and Pepper

Alright, let's cook:
Cook the pasta until desired doneness, tossing in the green beans for the remaining 3 minutes if you like them a bit more al dente or 6 if you prefer a mushier bean.

While that's bubbling away, get on with your pesto by placing the basil and garlic chives in a food processor. Go ahead and add in the parmesan, garlic granules, salt and lemon pepper. Blitz this until it is a fine crumb. Add the soft cheese and stock and continue to blitz until creamy. Taste season, repeat the blitzing if any big lumps occur.

By now, your pasta should be ready to drain. Do that. Stir in the pesto and toss it to give it a good mix. I'd suggest serving it with a good garlic bread. And if you're not keen on just veggies, tossing a few handfuls of shredded chicken would go really well!

fresh garlic chives and fresh basil on a cutting board

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