Gluten Free Skinny Honey Plum Fool

Thursday, February 28, 2013

Skinny honey plum fool || Anyonita Nibbles
I'll tell you up front the most difficult thing about this dessert: only eating one. It's so moreish and yum, it's hard to believe it's a tummy-conscious recipe. Although I fear, saying it's a recipe is a bit cheeky, because it's not much more taxing than piling ingredients into a dish. But when did simplicity stop something from being yummy? The fact that you could whip this up in less than five minutes after a long day just adds to the perks, in my book.

The star of this recipe is what's sprinkled over top--an unbelievably tasty honey, crushed honeycomb, sweet spices and bee pollen(!!!) mix compliments of the good people at My Secret Kitchen. I must give credit where it's due, the idea of combining this with tasty mix with plums came straight from the creators. But I'm certainly interested in scattering this sweet dust over other dishes too.

greek yogurt, plums, honeycomb, bee pollen, honey, skinny honey plum fool

For the skinny fool
1 ripe plum, 2 if they're tiny, pitted and diced
2 to 3 tbsp non-fat Greek yogurt
1tbsp honey
1/2 tbsp My Secret Kitchen Secret Honeycomb Spices

All right, let's compile:
Gingerly pile the diced plum into the bottom of a glass.

(I used a red wine glass because it has a wide mouth and until we restock the kitchen from the Great Flood of 2012, I'm short on clear dishes!)

Gently spoon in a quenelle or dollop of Greek yogurt.

Drizzle the honey over top and scatter on a few sprinkles of the secret spices.

Commend yourself on your stunning, healthy dessert. (Optional, but highly recommended!)

greek yogurt, plums, honeycomb, bee pollen, honey

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