Gluten Free Wicked Southern Comfort Vanilla Bean Frappe

Sunday, March 24, 2013

Wicked Southern Comfort Vanilla Bean Frappe with Anyonita Nibbles
This has been one busy, tiring week. On Thursday, an unexpected parcel arrived addressed to Anyonita Nibbles. Intrigued, somewhat giddy, I ripped it open and found, along with a note from a publicist, this glorious unreleased cookbook, "Wicked Good Burgers" by Andy Husbands, Chris Hart and Andrea Pyenson. Thumbing through, I was elated and ecstatic and wanted to make pretty much every recipe on display.

Wicked Good Burgers Cookbook with Anyonita Nibbles
But, since I do my meal planning a month in advance, all the meals for the rest of March are sorted and groceries bought. So I couldn't justify going over the food budget to swap the recipes around. I've already started April's menu, however and four of the recipes (so far) are from this book.

While I couldn't make a main from here, I wanted to make something. In the back of this 208-page book is a small final chapter. The chapter I always look at first when thumbing through a cookbook--desserts. The first one up is for this easy but delish vanilla frappe. I know what you're thinking: you need a recipe for a milkshake? No, you don't. But I did need a recipe for good, think milkshake. The kind of milkshake that makes your palate cry out for a burger and plate of salty fries. I did need a recipe for a wicked, alcoholic milkshake and I'm happy to have found this one.

Before I jump into the recipe, allow me to clue you in on some particulars from the accompanying press release:
  • Wicked Good Burgers is published by Fair Winds Press and will be available for purchase April 2013
  • Wicked Good Burgers is the second title in the Wicked Good franchise as established by chefs Andy Husbands and follows last year's debut, Wicked Good Barbecue
  • Inside, you'll find tips on making the Perfect Burger, how to Sous Vide at home, an unbelievable Scallop and Shrimp burger, Buttermilk Onion Petals and Duck Fat Fries. To wash it down, there's Ginger Beer Float and of course, the Wicked Vanilla Frappe.

Wicked Southern Comfort Vanilla Bean FrappeIngredients:
For the frappe
1/2 vanilla bean, seeds removed
1/2 tsp pure vanilla extract
1 ounce Southern Comfort Original
1 1/2 cups good quality vanilla ice cream
6 ounces (175 ml) very cold milk

All right, let's blitz:
Pour the milk into the blender followed by the scraped seeds from the vanilla bean.
Add the vanilla extract, Southern Comfort and ice cream.
Blend for 45 seconds to 1 minute until the mixture is thick and smooth. 
Sip and enjoy.

Of course, you can leave the Southern Comfort out if you prefer and you'd still end up with a pretty tasty milkshake.

Wicked Southern Comfort Vanilla Bean Milkshake with Anyonita Nibbles

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