Gluten Free Chocolate Macarons with Albumen Powder

Saturday, June 8, 2013

Albumen Powder Chocolate Macarons

Have you heard of the amazing baking supplier, The Craft Company?  I love that these guys stock all sorts of otherwise hard-to-find ingredients. For instance, I'd been searching for months for albumen powder to make macarons. I hadn't been able to find any other UK suppliers for it! It wasn't until I went to the The Craft Company's website that I found some, though!

It was shipped me to the next day of placing my order and arrived along with vanilla bean paste, cake pops sticks and cake pops bags in a sturdy, branded box. I'll be sharing a recipe using the vanilla bean paste, cake pops sticks and bags in a few weeks. I just whipped up some macarons using the albumen and wanted to share right away!

Here's a good macaron recipe, if you need one. Substitute the egg white for albumen powder. You'll need to dissolve the albumen in water first--there should be instructions on the packet. Be advised though, you might need to adjust the instructions and use them as a guide only. I found that following them point blank, resulted in to much white powder! You'll probably see that you'll need to whisk the albumen a bit longer than you would ordinary egg whites. I really liked the texture of the macarons, although it was a bit less firm, surprisingly. I would only use the albumen powder for personal use as it's not gluten free and all the macarons I sell in my shop are.

As a shop, I was very impressed with The Craft Company. They have such a wide selection and the high-quality items are shipped out quickly. Everything I ordered arrived as expected. I'd definitely be interested in order more from them in the future.


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