Gluten Free Chicken Rice Paper Rolls & Honeyed Sriracha Dip

Wednesday, February 26, 2014

These rice paper rolls are perfect for using up leftover chicken for a tasty lunch. They're drizzled with honeyed Sriracha dip for a sweet chili kick!
Chicken Rice Paper Rolls and Honeyed Srircaha Dip are perfect for #lunch and to use up #leftover #chicken
Yield 6 rolls

Chicken Rice Paper Rolls & Honeyed Sriracha Dip

I'm a sucker for spicy food and these chicken rice paper rolls taste amazing with my honeyed Sriracha dip. These little rolls are perfect for packing into a lunch box too or sharing on a picnic when the days get warmer.
Honeyed Srirachadip over chicken rice paper rolls | Anyonita Nibles

They were inspired by similar rolls I had at a Chinese restaurant one day during Dim Sum service. The staff brought around little menus of dumplings, buns and rolls and as the ladies quietly pushed carts filled with overflowing steamer baskets of neat food parcels, you took what you wanted from the tray and ate until you were full. We tried lots of dumplings and buns and rice paper rolls, too, and it's been an experience that's stayed with me.

Chicken Rice Paper Rolls with easy honeyed Sriracha dip

After buying the rice paper to make lemon and thyme paper, I needed to find a use for the rest of it and immediately thought of the fiery rolls I had at Dim Sum. I'm sure the sauce that I was served was your bog standard sweet chilli sauce, but since I have recently fallen in love with Sriracha and have always been in love with anything honeyed (proof, further proof, even more proof), I figured combining them would be nice. And oh. my. nom. it is fantastic.

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For the chicken rice paper rolls
thinly sliced cooked chicken breast
fresh coriander
carrots, cut into matchsticks
frozen peas, cooked
rice paper sheets

For the honeyed Sriracha dip
1 part honey
1 part Sriracha

  • If you're partial to a bit more sweet than spice, add more honey than the recipe calls for. And if you're more of a chilli head than I am, add more Sriracha.
  • I've not given any measurements for this recipe because it depends entirely on the amount you want to make and how plump you want your rolls.
Inside a chicken rice paper roll


Chicken Rice Paper Rolls & Honeyed Sriracha Dip
  1. Steam the chicken, peas, carrots in the microwave until tender and warmed through.
  2. Dip each piece of rice paper into a warm water bath for about 20 seconds.
  3. Pat dry between sheets of paper towels.
  4. Place on a clean work surface and arrange the chicken, coriander and vegetables in the center.
  5. Fold up the bottom half and roll to the left.
  6. Fold down the top  half and continue to roll until all the rice paper is used.
  7. Repeat with each roll.
  8. Whisk together the honey and Sriracha and serve with the rolls.
Chicken Rice Paper Rolls & Honeyed Sriracah Dip | Anyonita Nibbles

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  3. These look really good! I haven't cooked with rice paper yet but this sounds declicious!

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  7. I am always looking for a new recipe to try and I will be trying your chicken rice rollups. They really look mouthwatering.
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  9. Hi Anyonita,

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