Valentine's Red Velvet Petit Fours Recipe

Friday, February 7, 2014

These four ingredient Red Velvet Petit Fours are perfect bite-sized treats for Valentine's Day. They're easy to make and don't scrimp on chocolate flavor!
Valentine's Red Velvet Petit Fours from Anyonita Nibbles "Perfect tea time treats!"
Yield a dozen

Valentine's Red Velvet Petit Fours 

These are the most perfect, moist and moreish Red Velvet Petit Fours ever. They're so easy to make and they only require four ingredients! Talk about the perfect, lazy person's #Valentinesdessert!

Red velvet petit four with red velvet M&Ms from Anyonita Nibbles

Are you tired of Valentine's recipes from me yet? I can't help myself! I'm a big, romantic sap and I love the lovey-dovey nature of Valentine's Day. I always have. And this year, while we were visiting my parents over Christmas, I had loads of time to play around and create lots of yummy love day treats! Petit fours are perfect bit-sized treats for tea time. All you need is a strong brew and you're in business.

All forks lead to petit fours from Anyonita Nibbles
Peeking inside a red velvet petit four from Anyonita Nibbles

If you make my Red Velvet Popcorn, then this recipe is perfect for using up all that leftover cake. In fact, that's exactly where this idea came from! We have these things here in the UK that are petit fours but they're sold in the supermarket so they're not posh or high end, but they're called French Fancies and they're basically vanilla sponge cane with a bit of cream dolloped under the top and coated in fondant and they were the inspiration for these petit fours. Except, I swapped the fondant for that Valentine's staple: chocolate.
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A red velvet petit four tea time treat from Anyonita Nibbles


For the Red Velvet Petit Fours
leftover red velvet cake from Red Velvet Popcorn recipe
leftover Red Velvet M&Ms from Red Velvet Popcorn recipe
1/2 cup cake frosting
2 cups melted chocolate 

Red velvet cake cut into squares for petit fours from Anyonita Nibbles
Red velvet cake cut into squares and topped with frosting from Anyonita Nibbles


Red Velvet Petit Fours
  1. Cut the leftover red velvet cake into equal-ish sized squares.
  2. Fill a piping bag with cake frosting.
  3. Pipe a dollop of cake frosting in the center of each cake square.
  4. Pour over melted chocolate.
  5. Place a Red Velvet M&M over the center of the cake square, on top of the lump of frosting.
  6. Push down gently to secure it in place.
  7. Refrigerate an hour or until set!
4 ingredient, easy Red Velvet Petit Fours by Anyonita Nibbles

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