What to Eat this Weekend #01

Saturday, March 15, 2014

What to eat this weekend | Anyonita Nibbles

I've been crushing on these recipes this week:

Chinese Shin Bone Soup from What's on the List?

This comforting and authentic Chinese Shin Bone Soup is just the kind of thing I want to tuck into after a long week.

White Pizza Meatball Dip from The Life & Loves of Grumpy's Honeybunch

A party-perfect appetizer of White Pizza Meatball Dip that will go down a treat this weekend.

Eggplant Stackers from A New York Foodie

Spend a few minutes in the kitchen making these quick and easy Eggplant Stackers.

Italian Sub French Bread Pizzas from Renee's Kitchen Adventures
Give French bread a fun and delicious twist with this recipe for skinny Italian Sub French Bread Pizzas.

Old Fashioned Bluberry Muffins | Good Not Perfect
Can you imagine anything more comforting than sinking your teeth in hot-from-the-oven old fashioned blueberry muffins? I can't it. Might have to pop out & buy some blueberries!

Spiced Banana Donut Holes | Healthy Delicious
Rolled in sugar and a perfect way to use up bananas (that's not making banana bread!), these sugary and sweet Spiced Banana Donut Holes are sure to be gobbled up quickly!


  1. Excellent recipes for this weekend's menu. Thanks so much for sharing delicious family recipes.

  2. G'day and BIG thanks Anyonita! Your Round Up including my recipe looks extremely yummy!
    Cheers! Joanne

  3. Looks fantastic! I don't know which I liked the most! Awesome roundup of recipes to try!!


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