I'm Paris bound this weekend! #parisfoodtrip

Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Remember way back in April, I asked for your votes in a competition to win a weekend culinary trip to Paris? Thanks to all of your hard work, I've been selected to represent the UK & Ireland in Paris this weekend at the #parisfoodtrip as organized by the lovely folks at +Gourmandize UK & Ireland! I'm totally fangirling over the thought that this weekend I'll be cooking and dining at some of the world's best restaurants and patisseries with a gang of like-minded, lovely foodies!

Joining me on my gastronomic adventure are representatives from Italy, France, Germany and Spain. Chiara, Nadia, Tobi and Sergio and I have spent the last few weeks chatting and getting to know one another ahead of this weekend's adventures and I think it'll be a nice idea for you to get to know a little bit about them, too. They're all dedicated foodies with stunning photos and recipes on their blogs.

Chiara, the Italian representative blogs in Italian at That's Amore:

Header from Chiara's Italian food blog
Chiara's stunning food from her Italian food blog #parisfoodtrip

Nadia, the French representative blogs in French at Paprikas:

Header from Nadia's French food blog, Paprikas #parisfoodtrip
Nadia's gorgeous treats from her French food blog #parisfoodtrip

Tobi, the German representative blogs in German at Der Kuchenbaecker:

Header from the German food blog Der Kuchenbaecker
Tobi's delicious sweets from his German food blog #parisfoodtrip

Sergio, the Spanish representative blogs in Spanish at Del Senor Senor:

The header from the Spanish food blog Del Senor Senor
Food from Sergio's lovely Spanish blog #parisfoodtrip

We'll all arrive on Friday and head to dinner at a French bistro. Saturday is a day full of cookery escapades, culinary tours and Michelin starred restaurants. On Saturday we'll all pitch in for lunch and each create a dish as part of a three course meal. Sunday, our final day, sees us gorging on French patisserie then enjoying a relaxing lunch before we all head our separate ways.

I'll be documenting as much of my trip live on Instagram and Twitter, so be sure you follow along so you can stay in the loop! Next week, keep your eyes peeled for a recap here with loads of photos. :) Thank you all again for your lovely votes!

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  1. Fantastic! I can't wait to hear all your news. Have a fabulous trip! :-D


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