Morrison's Delivers: My Online Grocery Shopping Experience #morrisonsonline

Monday, July 21, 2014

An unbiased look at my experiences ordering groceries online and having them delivered by Morrisons.
My Online Grocery Shopping Experience with #MorrisonsOnline from Anyonita Nibbles
Online Grocery Shopping at Morrisons Everybody's gotta eat. And unless you're really swish, having to eat means having to prepare at least some of your meals at home. We try to eat at home as much as we can because with a 2 year old, you can never tell what kind of restaurant behavior you'd be in for if they're in a bad mood; plus, I really do enjoy being in the kitchen, turning ordinary ingredients into stunning and surprising plates of food.  Doing your weekly shop online and having it delivered to your house at your convenience is a big part of grocery shopping culture here in the UK. Practically every large supermarket provides this service and Morrisons has just kick-started their own take on grocery deliveries to your door.  Living in the middle of the city centre, in a building that is half a commercial property and half a residence, we always got turned down for grocery deliveries -- no one wants to bring food to an address that's listed as commercial..even if it's not! No one, that is, until Morrisons started their fab delivery service!  From the very beginning, I got the impression that this delivery service was unlike all the other tired delivery services provided by Morrisons's competitors. I'll be honest, I was expecting the entire process to be just like the rest: pretty hands off and run-of-the-mill but it was nothing of the sort! Let me show you: 
Morrisons online shopping dashboard

Here's the e-front of Morrisons shopping platform. It's very bright and vibrant, right? Look at the great photos of the products; you can really see what you're getting!   
Products from Morrisons Website

I absolutely loved how easy it is to use the website to look for food that was on my shopping list. There are loads of options for looking for food from the usual aisle breakdown, with food categorized by type to seasonal food and sales and offers. The only thing I hated about the experience, was that there was no mention of which products were gluten free! Because I have Coeliac Disease and cannot eat any gluten, being able to see which products were suited for me would have been very helpful. Instead, after our delivery, we had to pop to a local shop and buy the gluten free staples. 

Our shop at Morrisons Online

Toiletries and extras from Morrisons

We were able to get a lot of our regular groceries including select snacks for everyone and lots of fruits and vegetables and some non-food items. One of the things that always made me a bit wary of doing online shopping is the produce. I was worried that the staff wouldn't necessarily know how to choose the ripest fruits and vegetables or that they'd just throw in the first one that they came to without inspecting it as carefully as I would. With Morrisons, this wasn't an issue. Every bit of produce we received was fresh, unblemished and absolutely tasty. Strawberries have been exceptionally good this year and the punnet we got delivered was no exception; so ripe and juicy! The quality and freshness of all the produce we received was superb.

Perfect produce and juice from Morrisons

Speaking of quality, from the moment my order was placed, Morrison's staff never ceased to communicate with me to ensure that everything was just right. After you check out, you'll be given the option to provide another member of your household's email address. If you do, Morrisons will email them with the content of your shopping cart and ask them if there's anything you'd like to add to it. They'll have an hour to make any amendments to your shop before the order is finalized. I think this is a really nice touch, especially since I don't always know what items my husband might need from the supermarket. This way, he was able to review the entire shop, add any bits and bobs that he might need or anything that I may have forgotten. What a clever idea! 

Morrisons delivered junk food

Free cookie from Morrisons!

Once the order was placed, I received a thank you email with confirmation of the order as well as a welcome email. On the day of my delivery, I also received a text message informing me of the name of my driver and reminding me when he'd be appearing. Our driver was extremely helpful and thorough. He rang to double check on the best location for the delivery and helped to carry all of our bags from the road into our flat. When we had everything in, he checked that we were happy and that we had everything before leaving. 

You can buy lamb, chicken, beef and fish online from Morrisons

Ice cream and eggs from Morrisons

Each bag was color coded based on how the contents should have been stored: freezer, fridge and cupboard etc. That was really helpful, because I was able to group the bags together and unpack them in a more organized manner than the usual chaos that typically ensues with multiple bags of shopping and limited space. You can also give your bags to your driver straight away or save them until your next delivery and hand them over then. They'll be recycled and you won't have to worry about the clutter of plastic bags.

Easily recycle your plastic bags with Morrisons

Continuing with the streak of impressive service, there were a few goodies inside the bag like a detailed list of our groceries. The list detailed each item, as well as giving an expiration date! I definitely liked this because it gave me the opportunity to be flexible with my meal plan. I could see straight away when food was set to expire and plan to use it before this happened.

Overall, I was completely impressed with grocery shopping online at Morrison's. There were a few items that were slightly more than we usually pay at our closest large supermarket, but for the most part, prices were in the general vicinity of what we're used to, enough that I'd happily report that shopping at Morrisons was certainly value for money for us. 

I'd certainly use this service again but would like there to be provisions made for people to search for special, allergy-friendly foods. One of our eggs was cracked and I received nectarines instead of peaches. The third hiccup came in the form of bones in the fish. I ordered some mackerel fillets from fishmonger but when they arrived, they were full of bones. Other than those three minor issues, the purchase, delivery and entire experience was lovely.

One of the best things about the entire experience, had nothing to do with the money we spent or the ease of having our groceries delivered to use. The best thing was being able to have family time at the park instead of having to battle crowds at our local supermarket to do our big weekly shop!

Morrison's Grocery Delivery Service
Rating: 9 / 10


  1. This is a fabulous service! Getting groceries delivered would be such a time saver for me since I often shop during my lunch hour, plus I really enjoy cooking, but not shopping! Wonderful that the picked perfect fruit and veggies!

  2. When I was a small girl and lived in Uniontown, Pa we had a market that would deliver in the late 70's. My mom loved that! This sounds like a wonderful service and I would definitely consider online shopping at Morrison's! I love that you not only received fresh groceries, but with great customer service!!!

  3. I usually use Tesco whenever I do online grocery shopping. Now that Morrison's deliver, I may give them a try.


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