e-cloth Review: Harnessing the amazing cleaning power of water

Saturday, August 9, 2014

Learn how to effectively clean your hob & oven & remove 99% of bacteria using just water!
e-cloth hob & oven review & giveaway from www.anyonita-nibbles.co.uk

I can spend hours in my kitchen, with the oven on, pulling out tray after tray of brownies, macarons or cookies. Cooking is such an important passion of mine, that I often lose track of time, especially if I'm developing a recipe or trying to get to grips with a new technique.What I never seem to have any patience for is cleaning the oven.

Check out the after! She achieved this without any harsh chemical! #home #diy #cleaning

I've tried all the hands-off methods in the past: running the oven's unreliable self cleaner function, squeezing a toxic gel or paste against the walls of the oven and ever-stained door, only to be shrouded in a thick chemical cloud of fumes. There have been easy-off pastes, powders and creams. I've wallpapered the oven with sheets of aluminum (aluminium, UKers) foil and forfeited valuable rack space to position a catch-all baking tray at the bottom of my oven.

The environmentally, non-harsh way to clean your oven, with just water! Amazing!

Still, after all that, oven grime wins and I'm left holding my head in my hands, frustrated and reeking of overpowering bleach and other chemicals I'd rather not use. So when the people at e-cloth got in touch and asked if I wanted to review one of their hob and oven cleaners that kills 99% of bacteria only using water, I jumped at the chance. (Although, the skeptic in me doubted-- & how could anyone not be skeptical about water being able to do the job when so many other products had failed?)

Say goodbye to mucky microwaves with the #ecloth!

But, that's just the thing about this e-cloth. Using this two-sided microfibre cleaning system and just a bowl of warm water, it really, truly, honestly removes the muck and grime from ovens! And from the insides of microwaves and from stainless steel sinks and from countertops ... it's a miracle cloth and I'm an e-cloth convert! They've got an entire kitchen range of cleaning options, everything from scrubbers to floor cloths and systems solely devoted to coffee machines and stainless steel!

I know you're completely blown away by the e-cloth's amazing cleaning capabilities, right? Well, the lovely folk at e-cloth knew you would be, so they've kindly arranged for to give one lucky winner the exact hob & oven cleaner I demonstrated for you! Enter below!

Win an e-cloth hob & oven cleaning system!

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  1. I too was dubious when I first saw these but a friend bought me one to try and now I have bought a few myself. They are fabulous! I don't understand how they work but they do!

  2. How cool! I would love to win this!!!

  3. Haha, I have to admit I was thinking this wouldn't totally work, but you so proved me wrong when you grabbed that green towel and was going it at.

    Being a food blogger too that bakes a *lot*, my oven is in dire need of a proper clean. I'm arthritic so it's hard for me to rub hard. I've tried everything else, the smog inducing chemicals, steamers, baking/power or bicarb (which is supposed to work wonders - look that one up on the net), letting the fella loose on it, etc. I've pretty much all but given up hope of even seeing into my oven door again without it looking like I'm wearing wrong prescription glasses, LOL.

    To be honest, I'm pretty much at that point where I'm considering paying someone £50-100 to professionally clean it for me. So fingers crossed I win and save a bunch of cash.

    My oven door looks like your does on the right. In your honest opinion, did you manage to get the gunk and grime off the glass door on the oven too? I'm curious. And I love your accent too - You sound british yet american all at the same time, hehe.

    Lisa // Sweet 2 Eat Baking

    1. Hi Lisa,
      Yes, I was completely blown away! :) You saw the state of my (embarrassing) oven! Don't spend 50 to 100 quid on getting it professionally cleaned, I PROMISE you this works! And it's less than a tenner, too! I can't believe i forgot to show the after of my oven door! Because it was so bad, it took me about 3 goes to get it to come off, but it did come off and only with water, so I was delighted! Re my accent: hahaha I've been in denial that I'm getting a British accent, but in the past week, it's been mentioned a lot, so it must be true! :) lol Strong accents up North, I guess!

    2. Oh, that's so cool that it actually worked. I guess for me it'll take a couple more tries with my hands n' all. But I could just as easily add some fresh lemon juice to the water which breaks down grease and grim great too, and some salt to help me scrub the caked on areas even better. I guess I can wait 9 days to see if I've won. If not, £10 is so much better than £50-100. :)

      And I only live an hours drive away from Manx, so have the same northern accent.

      Lisa // Sweet 2 Eat Baking

  4. I too was questionable when I first saw these however a companion purchased me one to attempt and now I have purchased a couple myself. They are impressive! I don't see how they function however they do! Bellevue Pressure Washers


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