NibNib's Mini Nibs Review & Giveaway

Wednesday, September 17, 2014

A review of bite-sized snacks from Yorkshire, with love: mini cheese straws with a fiery kick and better-for-you salt and pepper jumbo peanuts!

Mini Nibs Cheese Straws and Peanuts Review from

NibNib's Mini Nibs Review

We're serious snackers in this family. We'll quite happily snack our way through meals, avoiding the obligatory meat and veg. Not every night, mind you, but every now and again, it's a guilty pleasure of ours. That's why I jumped at the chance to review these delicious Mini Nibs from NibNibs, a Yorkshire-based snackery producing a lovely spread of nibbles.

I received a few tubes of the Great Taste Award winning Exceptional Cheddar Cheese Straws and a tube of the Roasted Salt & Pepper Jumbo Peanuts to sample. Because the cheese straws contain wheat gluten they weren't suitable for me, but I had two ready and willing assistants only too happy to devour them!

Three types of cheese straws from Mini Nibs |

My boys (husband & 2 3/4 year old son) loved them, although they did say that they pack a bit of a punch from the chilli heat, so they rationed them out in measured doses, punctuated with swigs of water and juice. I stuck with the gluten-free option and sampled the jumbo peanuts.They've got a bit of a kick themselves from the black pepper, but I love spicy food, so I enjoyed it!

Glutenfree jumbo peanut snack from Nib Nibs |

I give the peanuts 7 out of 10. They were delicious, yes, but I felt the portion size wasn't proportionate to the packaging. Inside the tube, the peanuts were packaged in an air-tight baggie for freshness, but once you've emptied the contents of the bag into the tube, it didn't even come halfway up the can! I think the can needs to shrink or the amount of peanuts needs to be increased to a more logical portion. That said, I loved everything else about them. They were a bit spicy, yes, but not overly so for my tastes.

Roasted salt and pepper jumbo peanuts from Mini Nibs |

My boys gave the cheese straws 6 out of 10, purely because of the spiciness. They complimented the cheese straws for being "so buttery" and "small enough to pop in my mouth" and being packaged in a "handy tube". As you can see, they were a hit. I think if they could change one thing about them, they would have decreased the spice. We were also given cheddar and cheddar and onion cheese straws to try. These milder flavors, went down a lot better, although at first glance, we weren't sure that the flavors were any different--the tubes are all the same color and you have to really hunt for the flavors, which are all written in the same font.

Perfectly bite sized Mini Nibs snacks from Nib Nibs |

I love that the tubes are small enough to be put into a bag. If I was looking for a snack for my toddler, I'd definitely give him the plain cheddar cheese straws. Served with grapes and a sandwich or a mini pork pie for lunch, I'm sure he'd love them!

Fancy trying some for yourself? The fab folk at NibNibs are giving a lucky duck the chance to score some Mini Nibs for free! Enter the giveaway:

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  1. I went to local supermarket Tesco but they dont sell any of these wher can I get them for for a party next month

    1. None at Tesco? Maybe visit NibNibs website for a list of stockists?


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