Kettle Chips Salsa & Mesquite Crisps

Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Back for the festive season, these Salsa & Mesquite Kettle Chips are hitting UK shelves again!
Salsa & Mesquite Kettle Chips back for Christmas from

One of Kettle Chips's most popular flavours, Salsa & Mesquite is back in time for the Christmas season! This isn't just any flavour of crisps, this is a flavour that has created a riotous, cult-like following. There's even a Facebook group dedicated to this specific flavour of crisps.

Kettle Chips for Christmas from

Personally, I'm a huge fan of Kettle Chips. I love their crunchy texture. But, the Salsa & Mesquite flavour isn't one that I'd ever heard of. It's a bit of a strange flavour, although it's not bad. It's very paprika-ish  and the mesquite tones come through with a subtle smokiness. Overall, the flavour of these crisps reminded me of ketchup.

Limited Edition Salsa & Mesquite Kettle Chips brought back from retirement from

Obviously, for some (like my son & the 70 plus Facebook fans) that's a flavour that's appreciated. For me, not so much. I can understand why people like these crisps, though. They're marketed as being a limited edition product, back in time for the holidays. Put in a bowl and passed around at a Christmas party, they'll be a big hit. Their vibrant orangey-red hue and seasoning will go down a treat with holiday nibbles and cocktails.

The strong paprika flavour of these Salsa & Mesquite Kettle Chips makes them ideal for Christmas parties from

Pick up a bag of these Kettle Chips from your local Tesco's and try them for yourself before they're gone again!

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