8 Last Minute Christmas Treats

Thursday, December 25, 2014

If you've left the Christmas prep to the last minute, don't panic! Here are 8 easy last minute Christmas treats you can make today!

8 Last Minute Christmas Treats from Anyonita-nibbles.co.uk

8 Last Minute Christmas Treats

If you're anything like me, Christmas has practically pounced on us! Callum's birthday is on 22 December, so it's always a manic week for us. We spent the past two Christmases at my parent's house in North Carolina, but this year, we're staying put in the UK and having a quiet family gathering at my mother-in-law's house.

It's not uncommon for people to get so busy this time of year they forget to prep Christmas treats or just run out of time to do so! If you find yourself in that predicament, here are 8 last minute Christmas treats you can prepare today and enjoy during your Christmas dinner! All of the recipes I've chosen for this round up are easy to prepare and use ingredients you most likely already have in your cupboard, so no need to stress. There are few completely easy ones that even a beginner could whip up and there are some that require a bit more skills, but no matter which you choose, the end results are impressive!

Christmas Crunch Cocoa

8 Last Minute Christmas Treats: Christmas Spiced Nutella from Anyonita-nibbles.co.uk
Christmas-Spiced Nutella Cocoa with Gingersnap Rimmer
I absolutely love this cocoa recipe. It's quintessentially Christmassy with delicious gingersnap biscuits crumbled for rimmer and a scattering of Christmas spices. Serve it after your Christmas dinner if you're too full for dessert or serve it just before bed, when it's best sipped with all the lights off save the twinkle of the Christmas tree lights. If you're lucky enough to live somewhere where snow is falling, be sure to still a few glimpses whilst sipping your cocoa.

Sophisticated No-Bakes

8 Last Minute Christmas Treats: Tiramisu Oreo Truffles from Anyonita-nibbles.co.uk
Tiramisu Oreo Truffles
These cookies are the epitome of last-minute goodness! They're so easy to make and there's no baking required: simply blitz the Oreos with cream cheese or mascarpone and pour over melted chocolate and sprinkle over crushed Oreos and ground coffee. Voila! Be warned, these little cookies are rich and indulgent.

Decadent French Biscuits

8 Last Minute Christmas Treats: Christmas Peppermint Macarons from Anyonita-nibbles.co.uk

Gluten Free Christmas Peppermint Macarons
If you've never made macarons before, Christmas Day may not be the ideal time to try them. Especially if you've got company coming round. On the other hand, if you're a dab hand at macaron making, these will add a festive and fun twist to traditional Christmas cookies.

Indulgent Christmas Pud' for One

8 Last Minute Christmas Treats: Single Serving Crème Brûlée from Anyonita Nibbles

Gluten Free Single Serving Crème Brûlée
Not everyone is going to spend today surrounded by loads of family members. If you're having a quiet Christmas by yourself, there's no better reason to indulge in a creamy, luxurious dessert! You can't get more creamy and luxurious than a classic crème brûlée, and this serving for one is perfect. Allow for a little while in the kitchen to make this, but get ready for pure decadence.

Candy Cocoa

8 Last Minute Christmas Treats: Peanut Butter Cup Cocoa from Anyonita-Nibbles.co.uk

Peanut Butter Cup Cocoa
The combination of creamy peanut butter and chocolate is a classic for a reason. For a lighter after dinner dessert, serve up mugs of this peanut buttery cocoa. Use any type of Reese's you have on hand or other peanut butter and chocolate candy to add your own personality to this recipe.

Sweet, Sticky Popcorn

8 Last Minute Christmas Treats: Gooey Marshmallow Caramel Popcorn from Anyonita-nibbles.co.uk

Gooey Marshmallow Popcorn
Popcorn isn't just for stringing with cranberry and decorating trees! Use it to make an easy, sweet dessert or pre-dinner snack everyone will love. If you don't have marshmallow fluff in your pantry, feel free to use marshmallows instead, just make sure you melt them first.

Decadent Velvety Eclairs

8 Last Minute Christmas Treats: Gluten Free Red Velvet Eclairs from Anyonita-nibbles.co.uk

Gluten Free Red Velvet Eclairs
Topped with freeze-dried raspberries, these eclairs are so Christmassy! Don't worry if you've never made an eclair before, they're really easy to do. Choux is a unique pastry dough, made entirely on the stove with no kneading required so you can be sure to get fantastic results, no matter your dough-making skills.

Christmas Trifle

8 Last Minute Christmas Treats: Hartley's Christmas Stollen Trifle from Anyonita-nibbles.co.uk
Christmas Stollen Trifle
This final dessert is a Christmas tradition with a twist. Instead of the usual sponge, use up leftover stollen and soak some raisins in rum for the alcohol drinkers and include this in your jelly. As your guests tuck in, they'll get a boozy bite of rum and raisin. For children and tee totalers, simply omit the rum and follow the recipe as written.

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