Ilumi Gluten Free Meals Review

Monday, February 2, 2015

These gluten free and nutritious ready meals from Ilumi, make lunchtime for Coeliacs bearable!
Ilumi Gluten Free Meals Review from

Ilumi Gluten Free Meals

The worst times for being gluten-free are lunch. Lunch options tend to usually be centered around gluten: sandwiches, wraps, burgers, pasta--they're all lunchtime staples and they're all big no-nos for coeliacs. This limitation makes lunch times increasingly difficult, but there's hope in the form of the unbelievably delicious meals from Ilumi!

When I first was approached by the fab team at Ilumi, I jumped at the opportunity to review their products. Purely from a self-serving point of view, I'm always on the look out for lunch options that are quick, easy and tasty. Ilumi certainly fits the bill in all three areas.

Two curries and a chicken dish from Ilumi from

The range of food available is astounding. Buy complete meals or entrees that you can dress up with your own side dishes. From pork dishes to vegetarian curries and exotic ethnic foods to white or brown rice, there's something for everyone with Ilumi's products.

I received three absolutely delicious samples to try and my favourite is the one pictured here, Za'atar Chicken, made with succulent chicken, rice, raisins and apricots, it's a delicious tagine-style dish in a microwavable pouch.

Ilumi's gluten, nut and milk free Za'atar Chicken from

While I love Ilumi because all their products are gluten free, Coeliac disease isn't the only food allergen they cater for: all of the Ilumi products are also nut and milk free, making them perfect for other food allergy sufferers struggling to find ready meals that are tasty and suitable for them.

I have to be completely honest: I've fallen completely in love with Ilumi's products. After scarfing down the samples I was sent, I purchased enough complete meals and entrees and sides to see me through three weeks of lunches at work.

Coeliac friendly ready meals from Ilumi on

Before Ilumi, my mornings were always hectic: rushing about, popping into supermarkets to pick up ready-prepared salads, choose from a shockingly poor selection of gluten-free soups or packs of supermarket sushi (being sure to avoid the soy sauce, of course!). Now, I just choose a packet of Ilumi and go: satisfied that I'll be able to eat a delicious, healthy lunch that is suited for my food allergy.

If you're looking for a gluten, nut or milk free food option for lunch, you've got to try Ilumi's fantastic range! Order yourself a few and have them delivered to your door; you won't be disappointed with them!

Be sure to check out Ilumi's fantastic magazine and read up on their amazing food philosophy; you'll fall in love, too! 

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