Plantui: The 1st Week

Thursday, September 17, 2015

Insights from the first week with my Plantui hydroponic smart garden.
7 insights from my first week with Plantui |
Things have really started to take off here with my Plantui garden, so I thought I'd recap you with seven insights and observations from my 1st week as a Plantui convert:

  1. It actually works. You see that photo up there and the one down below? Not photoshopped or edited. I've got that growth from my smart garden in a week. Growing traditionally, that would have taken at least 2 weeks. 
  2. It's the perfect learning opportunity for children. Callum and I have had so many conversations about what we're growing and our unique garden. Whilst talking about the herbs as been fun, it's also been entertaining explaining to him that some people have gardens outside but that others (like us) have them inside, too.
  3. It's the easiest garden I've ever grown. Normally, I either over water or under water. My plants never seem capable of getting the right amount of sunlight or I simply forget they exist and leave them to wilt, shrivel and die. With Plantui, my abusive plant tendencies are a thing of the past! 
  4. 3 litres of water lasts a LONG time. Maybe it's because I'm used to giving my plants too much water, but at the time of writing this, my plants will have been growing for going on three weeks and I've not had to top up their liquids yet. 
  5. Naming the plants is fun and essential. How else would you know that I'm reporting growth from four out of six but that Cory Coriander (Cilantro) and Ory Oregano aren't showing any signs of green shoots?
  6. You get attached to them. I find myself worrying about them. Whilst driving to work in the morning, I'll think: What if the light turns blue today and I'm not there to give it more water? Or Did I really do that right?  Suddenly, I've got six more babies.
  7. You truly deserve a garden. Everyone deserves the pure joy gardening brings. And I'm not even doing that hardcore, knees on a foam pad, gloves and shears type thing. This is pretty comfortable garden done with a giant egg-shaped, intelligent device from the comfort of my office chair. But the pleasure has been immense. I can't imagine what it's going to be like to use my herbs to develop recipes and to cook with! 
My first week with Plantui hydroponic smart garden |

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