A #GloriousAdventure with Food

Sunday, November 22, 2015

I love food -- both this food blog and my plus size lifestyle blog are evidence of that. One of  the most incredible things about food is its power to transport you. Tastebuds are shapeshifters, working with scents, they can catapult you to foreign lands, inspiring you to visit, to travel, all off the back of a sweet, floral coconut or the heady potency of spice.

Even more powerful (and my personal favourite quality) is the ability for taste and smell to assault your senses and fill you with memories. Food is at the heart of present day society. Our association with food and social events is remarkable. The transient pull of memories conjured at the scent or taste of an ingredient is pure wizardry, enticing and compelling.

For me, my greatest, most #GloriousAdventures relating to food are when a single taste takes me back to a certain point in time. Being an expat and bringing up my son thousands of miles away from my family, having the ability to instill a sense of his American roots is important to me. So I use food to take us on journeys of self discovery. Ingredients become precursors for sharing stories about my childhood and for teaching him about his heritage.

Being able to convey all of that can be tricky at the best of times. How do you elevate something as simple as a bowl of tomato soup and turn it into a cultural lesson?

With quality ingredients. Most of the potency of food-triggered memories lies around the freshness of the dish. That is one of the things that sets Glorious! brand soups apart from their competitors. You can taste the quality of ingredients and the care and adventure involved in creating and making each soup pot.

A #GloriousAdventure with Glorious! Soups | Anyonita-nibbles.co.uk

My favourite is the Mexican Tomato and Fire Roasted Pepper because with each spoonful, I'm reminded of the glorious adventures from my childhood: enjoying bowls of creamy tomato soup, floating islands of chunky grilled cheese soldiers along the surface or dollops of cream cheese, a sprinkle of sliced avocado and the crack of the pepper mill before the scatter of fresh spices littered the surface of the soup.

When I close my eyes and savour each spoonful, it's more than just the flavour that makes this soup so good -- its the memories it envokes that keep me coming back and that inspire me to lift the lid on the other flavours and seek out a new Glorious! adventure or relive an old one.

This post was inspired by my favourite Glorious! soup and written as a competition entry.

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