Eating Healthy with Yumbox

Monday, January 11, 2016

Pack a healthy lunch with Yumbox and stick to your New Year's Resolutions to eat better!

Eat healthy with Yumbox |

Eat Healthy with Yumbox

I don't know where to begin singing these Yumbox praises. Seriously, without a doubt, this is the coolest, most convenient lunch box I've ever used. When I first opened my gleaming, bright pink Yumbox, I thought: There's no way that small amount of food will fill me up!  I was completely wrong!

The Yumbox concept is great: fill the box's compartments with yummy components to make a truly delicious lunch! I don't know what they've based their portion sizes on, but it's definitely been  thoroughly researched. It doesn't matter what I put in my Yumbox - whether it's a gluten free sandwich with tuna, cucumber and lamb's lettuce, green grapes, sticks of cheddar cheese and a corner brimming with salted edamame or today's nosh: a gluten free bagel with ribbons of smoked salmon, a pear, sticks of vintage cheddar cheese and a few caramel rice cakes - I always finish my lunch feeling filled up.

A peek inside a spacious, one-of-a-kind Yumbox |

At best, I'm a bit of a snacker; at worst, I can plough through crisps, biscuits, sweets - all of the unhealthy things trying to satisfy an afternoon sweet tooth and fill the void from too many empty  calories during lunch. With Yumbox, those dodgy habits are harder to stick to. I find myself hunting for more and more healthy and delicious items to pop in my box - there's just something so inspiring about lifting the lid and seeing a rainbow of good stuff and stuff that's good for me, too!

Stick to your resolution for eating healthy with a Yumbox lunch |

There are a couple of nifty features that Yumbox totally kicks lunchbox butt with:
  1. All the food stays in the right compartments!
    The finnicky four-year-old in me loves this fact so much. There's nothing worse than opening up your lunch box and finding that the salt from your edamame has rubbed all over your grapes. Or worse, finding edamame in your yogurt! Yick! 
  2. It's so slender!
    I carry my work laptop to and from work every day. Squeeze in my planner, whatever work I'm taking home and the random toys Callum leaves as a surprise and space is pretty limited for my lunch. I don't have to worry with my Yumbox, though. It's only slightly thicker in width than my laptop and it slips into my bag nicely.
  3. Say adios to squashed lunches!
    You know "what grinds my gears"? Smushed sammiches. [side-eye emoji] I absolutely hate digging into my work bag and pulling out a sandwich imprinted with the binding of my diary, the perfect ring from a misplaced water bottle or simply smushed beyond recognition. Sandwiches can be uninspiring and boring all on their own. They don't need help from heavier objects turning them into misshapen pancakes! 
  4. Portion control!
    I'm sort of anti-dieting. I think life's too short to count calories and I'd rather spend my time falling in love with food, eating the things I'm obsessed with than making myself feel bad because I opted for a chocolate chip cookie instead of broccoli. (Broccoli, I love you, but for reals; cookie wins every time.) The point is: I eat with my eyes. Like all the time. So it means I pile on the portions and because I absolutely hate waste, I force myself to keep eating because there are starving kids in _____. Which means, portion control goes out the window with me. But with Yumbox, space is precious. I'm forced to savour what I've got because pulling out two lunchboxes is a one way ticket to Diabetes. So far, it's working; I am pleasantly surprised that I'm actually getting full up from the contents of my Yumbox. 
There are two small disadvantages to a Yumbox, and one is only a partial disadvantage:
  1. The main compartment in my Yumbox (the Framboise Pink Yumbox with Panino Eat Well tray) is a bit small for fitting in sandwiches. Unless I happen to get small loaves of gluten free bread, it can be tricky squeezing in a standard size sandwich. I mostly get around this because that petulant, finnicky four-year-old rears her head again and hates bread crusts. So I cut them off. Problem solved. But if you eat sandwiches like a proper adult, crust and all; you might find it a bit of a tight squeeze.
  2. Yumbox isn't great for mixing hot and cold things. Because all of the compartments are fixed in one try, you wouldn't be able to heat one bit without heating the rest. It's either in the microwave with the whole lot or none at all. The same goes for refrigerated stuff.
Closed Yumbox |

Okay, I challenge you to get yourself one of these fabulous Yumboxes & to see if you don't eat the most healthy lunches of your life!

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