Mr Kipling Launches Range of #ExceedinglyGood Gluten Free Cakes

Wednesday, April 26, 2017

Cake brand Mr Kipling launches range of #ExceedinglyGood gluten free cakes you'll love!
 Mr Kipling #ExceedinglyGood gluten free cakes review on

 What makes a gluten free cake #ExceedinglyGood?
  1. It has got to taste like it's not gluten free, like you're not missing out on any of the classic cake textures or flavour just because it's made without wheat. 
  2. It must pair well with a cuppa. This is the United Kingdom, after all, a land built on tea and cake.
  3. It has to be moreish. So moreish, in fact, that it nearly puts you in a cake trance. 
Mr Kipling Gluten Free Apple Loaf Cake and Earl Grey Tea from
Cake & tea: Mr Kipling Gluten Free Apple Loaf Cake with Earl Grey Tea
   Y'all. (If you've been reading Anyonita Nibbles for any length of time, you know that that sentence ["Y'all."] is serious. It means I have discovered something so incredible, something so delicious, something so bad ass and free from that the world has stopped.) Let me tell you 'bout dese cakes.
Disclosure: This is a sponsored post for Mr Kipling. I have been compensated for this post, however all opinions remain my own and I was in no way influenced by the company. You can review my disclosure policy in full, here.

Mr Kipling Gluten Free Apple Loaf Cake

This oat crumble topped cake is chock full of sweet apple pieces and has all the moisture of a good syrup sponge pudding. You know how you can tell a bread is good by the sound it makes when you cut it? You can tell a cake is good by how moist it feels when you slice it ... a lovely moist and dense cake hugs your knife as you slice it. Exactly like cutting into this Mr Kipling Gluten Free Apple Loaf Cake.
A slice of Mr Kipling Gluten Free Apple Loaf Cake on Anyonita-Nibbles

Now, here's the practical stuff: the cake comes in a thin corrugated paper tray, wrapped in a plastic outercoating. The cake sticks to the side of the paper tray, so when slicing, don't be afraid to scrape your knife around and get those stuck-on bits of gooey, moist cake. On a scale of 1 to 5, this cake gets a 10. It is outstanding and I could find absolutely no faults with it. Actually, that's a lie. There is one fault: this cake fails to replenish itself instantaneously once gone. Mr Kipling, I'mma need you to work on that, please. One other thing, if you have self-control and can stop yourself from scoffing this on the first day, it keeps beautifully overnight. I apologise, I cannot state whether it keeps longer than this, because once opened, this was devoured in less than 48 hours. #sorrynotsorry.

Mr Kipling Wheat & Gluten Free Apple Loaf Cake |

Mr Kipling Gluten Free Mini Cherry Bakewells

There are two coeliacs in this house -- myself and my 5 year old son, Callum. I thought I'd let him review the Mini Cherry Bakewells.

Callum tries Mr Kipling Gluten Free Mini Cherry Bakewell Tarts on Anyonita-Nibbles

Mommy: Callum, what did you think of those little cherry cakes?
Callum: They are a bit better than the other cakes because they have those red things inside them (he means the cherry) and especially the inside.
Mommy: Would you like to have them again?
Callum: Yup; I would like to have them today!
Mommy: What is your favourite bit about them?
Callum: It's tasty!

Cake & Tea: Mr Kipling Gluten Free Mini Cherry Bakewells with Caramel Rooibos Tea

Now, the practical stuff: you get six mini bakewells in a box and they come prepackaged in sets of two! Which makes these the perfect gluten free treat for popping into my bag on the weekend before running errands. I can open a pack, split it with Callum and carry on--brilliant! The cakes come in foil cups, which are nestled in plastic trays and then wrapped in plastic and will keep them fresh. The texture of the pastry is perfect--crumbly and buttery and there is an intense flavour of cherry, just as you'd expect from a good bakewell. These are finished off to the same standard as normal gluten-filled cherry bakewells and according to my non-coeliac husband, they taste exactly the same. These score a 5 out of 5, no questions.

Mr Kipling Wheat & Gluten Free Mini Cherry Bakewell Tarts on Anyonita-Nibbles

Mr Kipling Gluten Free Cherry Bakewell Loaf

 Slices of Mr Kipling Gluten Free Cherry Bakewell Loaf Cake on

This cake is completely intriguing. I'd never come across a cherry bakewell loaf before, and let me tell you: it really works! The sponge cake is filled with cherry jam and the whole thing is covered in the most delicious white icing, studded with Maraschino cherries and sprinkled with flaked almonds. All hail the delicious combo of cherry and almond. I swear, if this cake was on Bake Off, Paul Hollywood would be shaking the baker's hand.

Mr Kipling does gluten free cherry bakewells two ways |

And for the practical stuff: it comes in the same style of packaging as the apple loaf, and that icing definitely sticks to the tray. You can totally be uncouth and run your finger around the edge and lick that icing off. Trust me, cutlery can wait. Unfortunately, this  cake was a wee bit dry on the second day. On the first day, it's moist and moreish. But, unlike the apple cake, the second day proved to be a bit more unforgiving. Not to worry, I salvaged it by indulging in a favourite American pastime: cake and ice cream. Or you could be a bit more British about it and serve it with a drizzle of unsweetened cream. You say potato, I say let's eat the damn cake!

Mr Kipling Wheat & Gluten Free Cherry Bakewell Loaf | Anyonita-Nibbles

Mr Kipling Gluten Free Ginger and Lemon Loaf

Mr Kipling Gluten Free Ginger and Lemon Loaf Cake and Coffee | Anyonita-nibbles
Cake & Coffee: Mr Kipling Gluten Free Ginger and Lemon Loaf and Black Coffee

Here's a phrase I never thought I'd utter in a million years: Mr Kipling, your cakes momentarily defeated me. The lovely folks at Mr Kipling (who are now my best friends and can send me cakes any time) also sent me one of their new Ginger and Lemon Loaf Cakes. After indulging in the previous three cakes, I needed to wait a few days before trying this last one. So I brewed a cup of coffee, sliced into it and dug right in. I'm not a big fan of ginger, so I was a little hesitant and I'll admit, of the four desserts, this is my least favourite flavour. Still, it's a very good cake and if you love ginger, you'd be all over this one!

Mr Kipling Gluten Free Ginger and Lemon Cake | Anyonita-Nibbles

And the practical stuff: it's packaged just like the apple and cherry bakewell loaves. It has a closer crumb, making it a bit less moist than the previous two. The texture of this cake is more like the bakewell loaf and it tends to run a bit dry. I got around that with the second slice, by slightly warming it in the microwave...the ginger and the lemon really started to sing and the heat softened the cake. I definitely preferred it warm than room temp.

Mr Kipling Wheat and Gluten Free Ginger and Lemon Loaf Cake on Anyonita-Nibbles

Here's the bottom line: Mr Kipling has served up a range of gluten free desserts that I would happily buy and recommend to all my fellow coeliac and wheat allergy suffers. If you have to choose just one, go for the apple loaf, no the mini bakewells! Actually, don't just choose one. Try them all and let me know what you think!

Mr Kipling Gluten Free Cake Range Review on
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