7 Things to Do Before You Take a Blogging Break

Friday, July 7, 2017

Planning on putting professional blogging on pause for a while? Before you do, make sure you follow this checklist to make your return smooth and simple!

Planning on putting professional blogging on pause for a while? Before you do, make sure you follow this checklist to make your return smooth and simple!

It's the final installment in our blogger burn out series! For the last three weeks, we've spoken about: How to Make a Comeback after a Blogging BreakHow to Identify Blogger Burn Out and How to Keep Motivated as a Blogger. Today, we'll wrap things up with a practical look at exactly what you need to organise before you step away from blogging for a while.

How to Transition into a Blogging Break

I've stepped away from this and other blogs numerous times over the years. It's not something to be ashamed of--blogging is hard work; having to constantly be creative and produce witty posts on social media is a time-consuming task. Plus, it takes its toll on you mentall too. Knowing when to pause so you don't fall out of love with your blog is a skill every blogger needs to master. Transitioning into a blogging break doesn't have to be frightening, permanent or awkward; let me show you how to do it smoothly.
  1. Spot the Signs of Blogger Fatigue
    Without rehashing this entire post, being able to spot the warning signs of blogger fatigue is key to taking the type of break from blogging that you could come back from. As we discussed, blogger burnout is a lot like a depression--no matter how hard you try or how much you want to, you may not be able to "snap out of it" and return to the screen. Knowing is half the battle and once you've twigged that it's blogger fatigue that's weighing you down, you can easily combat it!

  2. Schedule a Therapy Session
    I'm not talking about seeing a counselor necessarily, but if that works for you then go for it! What I am talking about is a little bit of self-therapy. Head to your favourite spot where you can contemplate in peace and quiet and get honest with yourself. Now's the time to ask yourself the difficult questions.

    There will be tons of things to consider, including:
    • Why do I want to take a break from blogging?
    • How will taking a break from blogging effect me/my income/my family?
    • How will not taking a break from blogging effect me/my income/my family?
    •  Have I lost my passion for blogging entirely or am I just experiencing a bit of writer's block?
    • Do I feel fulfilled when I blog? Does it give me purpose?
    • Am I feeling sensitive because I don't seem to be getting anywhere with my blog? Am I judging myself too harshly? Am I unfairly comparing my blog to other blogs? 
    • Can I see myself returning to full or part-time blogging?
  3. Make a Plan Depending on how you answer the questions from step number 2 will determine what kind of plan you make. You may choose to take a full break--meaning no new content is produced on your blog or your social media for the duration of your time away. Or perhaps you'll take on contributors and allow your blog's content to be populated mostly by them. If you go this route, you'll still want to follow your social media posting schedule, or at least amend it to share a bit less. A third option is to not generate any new content whatsoever but to keep sharing old posts over social media until you return.

    Here are a few things your plan should consider, no matter which option you take:
    • The date of your last blog post before your break
    • Whether you will inform your readers that you will be stopping 
    • Have a rough idea of when you think you might return
    • Consider whether you'll still create content but not publish it during your hiatus
  4. Periodically Check-inIf it won't cause you unnecessary stress, checking-in every now and again during your hiatus is a smart idea. You don't have to post anything, but just make sure your site hasn't been hacked, you don't have a bunch of spam comments waiting on your moderation etc. Remember to check things like broken links or expiration periods for services like web hosting or paid social media platforms and scheduling software et cetera.
  5. Keep Current
    Odds are that whatever you chose to blog about, you're passionate about. Don't let stopping blogging prevent you from enjoying your passion. Every time I stopped blogging, I continued with reading food magazines and other food blogs and that constant exposure to food helped to reinvigorate me and spurred me back into the blogosphere. Keep your passions at the forefront and stay abreast of current trends so that when you do return, you're not stepping into an abyss.
  6. Enjoy the Moment
    There are thousands of reasons why you may take a break from blogging. The most popular I've found usually involve around work, family and babies. No matter your reason for putting the breaks on your blog life, be sure to enjoy all that extra time you'll have. I gave up blogging a few years ago because I went back to work full time after having my son and I needed to throw myself into my career. It was easy to shift the focus from the blog to a typical 9 to 5. I recently stopped blogging because I had another baby and wanted and needed to spend the time with my family, welcoming her and adjusting to life as a foursome.

    Having the opportunity to walk away from my blog while still enjoying my family life was extremely important to me. It ensured me that I was making the right decision and helped to realign my priorities. It also gave me the passion needed to dive back into blogging and pick up where I left off.
  7. Prepare for your Ultimate Comeback
    If you haven't already, read this post for all the tips and tricks you need to make the ultimate comeback to blogging after a break. I've tried to line everything up for you and present it in a simple, easy-to-follow way so that all you have to do is write your amazing welcome back post and push publish!
Have you taken a blogging break before? Is there anything that I've missed that you would add? Leave me a comment and let's keep the discussion going! 

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