A Review of the Jurassic Kingdom in Manchester

Sunday, July 16, 2017

Step back to the time of the dinosaurs with Manchester's latest family-friendly attraction in the leafy Philips Park or catch it in other UK parks.

Fearsome Dinosaurs Delight & Thrill Kids Young & Old in Manchester

“It’s like a dream come true” says my six year old Niamh as we metaphorically go back to the Cretaceous and Jurassic periods in Philips Park, Manchester. Brachiosaurus, Pteradons, T-Rex and Ankylosaurus all feature as part of Jurassic Kingdom which is on tour as dinosaurs by turn delight and terrorise children all over Britain. 

My 6 year old has long been a fan of dinosaurs and wants to be a palaeontologist. There is much to inspire her here, as the dinosaurs are life-size but also have signs next to them designed to educate reading age children. As impressive as the T-Rex was, Niamh spends time looking at all the dinosaurs. “Look, look. Styrocausurus, Mummy.” This one is cousin to the more famous Triceratops. Period: Late Cretaceous 75 to 76 million years ago.

More troubling is perhaps the velociraptor battle against the apatosaurus, a battle that could have never taken place given these dinosaurs were from different periods. Most enjoyment is had by the sounds accompanying the animatronic dinosaurs, although as Niamh step-dad Faz points out, the sounds emitted from the T-Rex start before it moves its mouth, a minor error, but nevertheless we’re fact and motion schticklers here! 

The food is perhaps the biggest drawback. Typical overpriced chips and burgers as to be expected from these events. Many sensible families have packed a picnic, alas this isn’t us! Niamh relishes looking at the Brachiosaurus, meaning ‘Arm Lizard’. The Brachiosaurus would have populated Colorado, Utah and Oklahoma. It would have been 12 m and weighed 30,000 kg and its period was Late Jurassic, 154 to 150 million years ago. Philips Park is busy with kids absolutely enthralled by the dinosaurs and despite the signs that say ‘Don’t touch the dinosaurs’, none of them can resist it. 

I wonder at the toddlers staring at awe at some of the dinosaurs. Surely in some regards, this is even more awesome to them than the kids and grown-up kids as they might think they’re real. Walking towards the exit after going round the park twice to carefully enjoy all the millions of years of history, we walk like everyone in the park, old and young, with massive smiles on our faces.

Yes, there might have been a few anachronistic fights taking place, but the sheer wonder of the fearsome dinosaurs clearly continues to thrill generation after generation. 

Don't miss out on the fun! Jurassic Kingdom's next stop will be in Blackpool! Get your tickets here!

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