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Thursday, September 10, 2020

How to Easily Detect a Gluten Sensitivity

Wish you knew more about wine? Check out this review of The Wine List - the first wine box focused on learning.

Learn and discover about wine with a box from The Wine List

The Wine List: the first wine box focused on learning 

Wine is something I don't know a lot about and because of that, I don't tend to order it very well. In fact, I rarely order wine at all, preferring to stick to the comforts of safety with spirits and cocktails. Annabelle, who's on my team here at Anyonita Nibbles Gluten-Free felt similarly about wine too. So when the folks at The Wine List approached us about a review, it was the perfect opportunity for Annabelle to learn more about wine. Here's her review of two bottles of wine from The Wine List:

Bottles of wine and educational materials from The Wine List | Anyonita Nibbles Gluten-Free

I am not the biggest fan of wine, and I think that’s because I don’t know a lot about it. Learning about wine always seems too complicated, too hard and quite frankly, overwhelming! That’s why I was intrigued to try some wine from The Wine List. The Wine List helps you to learn about wine from the comfort of your own home and in easy to understand steps. I tasted a red and white wine - both of which were very different to any wine I had tasted before. 

The Wine List came with a welcome letter which explained the process. Over the next 12 months your subscription means you will eventually taste 24 incredible bottles of wine, learn about the fundamentals and have access to their online community. Wine and socialisation - it definitely seemed like this was going to be something I would enjoy. The wines also came with a book teaching you all about the look, smell and taste of wine and also how to think about wine. The best thing about this teaching book was the down to earth and easy to understand language used. It didn’t make this wine novice feel out of place. 

La Zerba wine from The Wine List | Anyonita Nibbles Gluten-Free
Photograph by Callum Ward

The first wine I tasted was La Zerba Cantine Volpi (2018). This was a red wine, something I rarely would drink and never would order, but I wanted to give it a go. Following the instructions in the booklet about how to look, smell and taste wine, I was able to fill in the taste notes sheet. I have to admit, it was a lot of fun doing this with my other half and discuss what we both agreed and disagreed on. I was shocked to see how intensely red the colour was, it almost seemed too ‘grown up’ for a novice like me! The low tannins in this wine, meant that it was something you could easily drink with or without drinking. I liked the fact that this wine tasted less intense than it looked, with an almost fruit or almond element to it. 

Photograph by Callum Ward

The second wine I tasted was Petite Fuge Chateau Le Payral (2017). If I was going to order or drink wine, I would normally pick a white one, so I felt more confident when it came to tasting this wine. The first thing I picked up on was the smell. The wine had a strong floral smell, with a touch of nuttiness. The tasting notes sheet suggested this should be paired with rich seafood like salmon or tuna, and although I didn’t try that, I can imagine this would be a beautiful combination. One of the things I enjoyed about this experience was the way the teaching book taught me how to measure the finish of a wine. Although simple to do, it was an interesting way to compare and contrast the two wines. 

Educational wine materials from Wine List | Anyonita Nibbles Gluten-Free

Overall, I really enjoyed the experience of The Wine List’s selection and wine education. By learning to appreciate wine on a higher level, I wonder if I will be converted into a fully fledge wine drinker! Only time will tell, I suppose. If you want to learn about wine, enjoy a wine tasting at home with your partner or give this as a gift to a friend, The Wine List is a great way to treat yourself and the ones you love.

9 basic tips for pairing wine with food

If you suspect you might have a gluten intolerance, look out for these symptoms:
  1. The wine should be more acidic than the food.
  2. The wine should be sweeter than the food.
  3. The wine should have the same flavour intensity as the food.
  4. Red wines pair best with bold flavoured meats (like red meat).
  5. White wines pair best with light-intensity meats (like chicken or fish).
  6. Bitter wines (like red wines) are best balanced with fat.
  7. It is better to match the wine with the sauce than with the meat.
  8. More often than not, white, sparkling and rose wines create contrasting pairings.
  9. More often than not, red wines will create congruent pairings.

These tips are from

Prefer to cook with wine?

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