Oreo Overload Brownies

Friday, June 28, 2013

Oreo cookies meet brownie in an unbelievable way in this deliciously sinful dessert!
Oreo Overload Brownies with Oreo Butter
You guys, these brownies will change your life. I promise. If you are an Oreo lover, you'll sink into this without second thought. Remember last week, I shared with you that lovely recipe for delicious Oreo butter? Well, I had a few queries about what to do with the stuff. While I fully condone just going at it with a spoon, those of you with a bit more decorum, might prefer to incorporate into these tasty treats. 

I made this brownies for a barbecue we went to last week and I feel pretty safe in saying they were a hit! I allowed myself one small brownie beforehand to taste test that they were okay and I shared one with Callum while we there. At the end of the barbecue, I collected my empty plate. So, yeah, they were popular ... just in time for the Fourth of July, too! Can you imagine these at the Independence Day barbecue???? Forget the fireworks, you'll be the star of the show with these delicious treats!

Patchwork of Oreo Overload Brownies


For the Oreo Overload Brownies
1/4tsp salt
1/4tsp baking powder
1/3 cup cocoa powder
1/2 cup olive oil
1/2 cup all-purpose/plain flour
1 cup sugar
1tsp vanilla bean paste
1 standard wooden spoonful of Oreo butter
2 eggs
20 Oreos

 *I know, I know, a "wooden spoonful" isn't an exact measure, but we all have them. :)

Chocolatey, gooey and delicious Oreo Overload Brownies with a glass of milk

Oreo Overload Brownies

  1. Preheat your oven to 200C/400F.
  2. Combine all the dry ingredients in a large mixing bowl. Stir in the Oreo butter, olive oil, vanilla bean paste and eggs until thoroughly mixed.
  3. Arrange 16 Oreos in the bottom of an 8 inch square baking tin. (If your tin is 8 inches, 16 Oreos will fit. If it's not, adjust accordingly.)
  4. Pour over the brownie mix and crumble the remaining four Oreos and sprinkle over the top.
  5. Bake about 15 minutes, or until a toothpick inserted into the center comes out clean.
  6. Once your brownies have baked fully, allow to cool enough to touch, before covering the pan with foil and refrigerating overnight.
  7. The next morning (if you've managed to wait that long) tip out the brownies onto a cutting board so that they are upside down.
  8. Using the Oreos as a guide, cut the brownies into 20 squares. 
  9. Serve them at room temperature with a cold glass of milk.
  10. Trust me, these are glass of milk brownies. 

The Oreos become a guide for cutting, and everyone gets a whole Oreo in their brownies!

An Oreo peeking out the side of an Oreo Overload Brownie
A beautiful mess surrounding an Oreo Overload Brownie

To ensure that your brownies aren't flavored with coconut from the coconut oil in the Oreo butter, be sure to make your butter a few days before you make your brownies. This way, the flavor of the coconut oil has time to mellow and you brownies taste of Oreos and not coconut.

These Oreo Overload Brownies are perfect for parties and barbecues

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  1. I am speechless...that does not happen often. No words come to mine except - me want cookie!!! I loved cookie monster as a kid!!! Thanks for linking these guys up!

  2. Wow, those look good! Pinning it!

  3. O-M-G !!!
    These brownies are definitely calling my name, better yet I think they're screaming my name :)
    I can't wait to try this recipe

    1. Ha, thank you Winnie! :) I hope you enjoy them as much as we did!

  4. These could be slightly dangerous in my household, LOL. Thank you for sharing at Simple Supper Tuesday.

    1. Lol! I know exactly what you mean. I made the batch and only allowed myself one before I took them to a barbecue. Left the rest there too to avoid all temptation!

  5. MMMM!! Yes please!!! :-D Thanks for linking up with Random Recipe Roundup this week! :-D Zannie @ mymixingspoon

  6. Ayonita these look delicious!!! Would love to have you come by our "Best Of The Weekend" party! Three hosts and EVERYONE gets pinned!
    Have a great week! :)
    Claire @ ALittleClaireification.com

  7. I am so glad I found this! My husband and kids are Oreo and brownie crazy so it's perfectness! and this looks easy to make. Defo for the weekend! :)Thank you!

    1. Oh, I hope your Oreo & brownie lovers enjoy these! :) Let me know how you get on!

  8. Wow...those look amazing! I love the Oreo poking through at the bottom, that's genius. Thank you so much for sharing at Best of the Weekend :)

  9. I think I just died and went to heaven--- I'm going to need some milk because I plan on making making friends with these sinful Oreo Overload Brownies!

  10. I think I just died and went to heaven! I'm going to need some milk because I am about to make friends with these sinfully good Oreo Overload Brownies!

  11. These Oreo Overload Brownies look to amazing! I want to reach through the computer screen to grab one. Thanks for sharing!


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