Chili con Carne

Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Bacon grease and tender sirloin steak are the key ingredients in this classic, filling dish, perfect for chillier weather!
Chili Con Carne | Aunt Bee's Recipes for Anyonita Nibbles
Yield: 6 to 8 servings
Prep time:
Cook time:

Chili Con Carne

 Hello to Anyonita Nibbles's wonderful readers! A couple of years ago, my family moved 2 hours away from the hometown where my husband and I grew up, which was a little town outside of Birmingham, Alabama. Aside from making the adjustments to living so far away from our families, there were also few restaurants we had grown up eating that we missed.

#tastytuesdays no 79

Tuesday, October 28, 2014

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Gluten Free Apple Cider Smoothie

Monday, October 27, 2014

Greek yogurt combines with apple cider for a festive, fruity smoothie recipe with warming cinnamon and nutmeg!
Luscious and seasonal Apple Cider Smoothie from Dizzy, Busy & Hungry for

Yield: 2 smoothies
Prep time:

Apple Cider Smoothie

Hi, this is Kristin from Dizzy Busy and Hungry, back again as a contributor on Anyonita Nibbles. I am excited to be here to share another recipe with all of Anyonita's wonderful readers! I hope you like apples, because today I am sharing my Apple Cider Smoothie recipe.

Ox Pasture Hall Hotel: Scarborough & the Moors

Saturday, October 25, 2014

Just a stone's throw away from Scarborough's craggy, rocky coast and nestled at the foot of the North Yorkshire Moors, Ox Pasture Hall Hotel is in an ideal setting for exploration and adventure.

Ox Pasture Hall Hotel: Yorkshire's Luxury Country House Hotel |
If you can stand to venture away from the beautiful, comfortable facilities at Ox Pasture Hall Hotel (and that's a very big if), you'll find loads of family-friendly activities just miles away. Of course, if you're visiting and wanting a low-key break, there's loads to do around the country house hotel to keep you occupied. Catch some fresh air in one of the paved courtyards or snuggle with a book in front of a gentle fire in the lodge.

Enjoy the tranquil Ox Pasture Hall Hotel courtyard |

Ox Pasture Hall Hotel: Weddings, Civil Ceremonies & Conferences

Friday, October 24, 2014

Tie the knot in the picturesque surrounding of the Ox Pasture Hall Hotel, a luxury North Yorkshire country house hotel nestled in a valley surrounded by moors--an ideal setting for embarking on your newlywed life. Alternatively, Ox Pasture Hall has beautiful conference facilities, just a stone's throw from the bustling Scarborough seaside resort.

Ox Pasture Hall Hotel: for weddings, civil ceremonies & conferences |
You want your wedding day to be one of peace, tranquility, full of love and to be held somewhere with a great atmosphere. You want the very best; to surround your family and friends with love, charming facilities and great food. You'll get all of that and more at Ox Pasture Hall Hotel.

Ox Pasture Hall Hotel: Rooms, Suites & Property

Thursday, October 23, 2014

Open country house doors, rustic interiors and English cottage charm permeate the rooms, suites and overall property at Ox Pasture Hall Hotel to create a tranquil and welcoming oasis in the North Yorkshire Moors.

An open door creates an inviting atmosphere at Ox Pasture Hall Hotel |
Open doors across the property create a welcoming atmosphere.

Set in a quiet valley at the foot of the North Yorkshire Moors, on the outskirts of Scarborough, Ox Pasture Hall Hotel is a quintessential country house accommodation. With a welcoming, rustic feel, doors hinged open, inviting guests to have a nosy in at the backrooms and quaint lodgings and a top-quality restaurant serving up award-winning meals, Ox Pasture Hall is the total package.

Helmsley 29 at Ox Pasture Hall |

During our one night's stay back in September, we experienced one of the hotel's luxury double suites with king sized beds, living space and stunning modern bathroom. We stayed in Helmsley 29, overlooking pastures and a trodden dirt path from the back of the accommodation. Windows at the front of the suite overlooked a paved courtyard with weathered adirondack-style table and chairs and tranquil fountains.

Tranquil courtyard fountain |
Tranquil fountain in the Ox Pasture Hall Hotel courtyard
Put your feet up at Ox Pasture Hall Hotel |

In fact, everywhere you go on the property looks as if it's been lifted from the glossy pages of a travel magazine. Ivy grows freely, creeping across old stone farm walls, rows of terracotta line sidewalks, leading to the doors of suites and strings of coloured lights twinkle at dusk, casting a rainbow of reflections across the garden, pond and second fountain situated outside The Courtyard restaurant.

Pet friendly Ox Pasture Hall Hotel |
Some of the rooms at Ox Pasture Hall Hotel are pet friendly.

Lazy dog in the farm |

Out front of the hotel, is a lush garden, arch lined walkway and a cozy gazebo where you're likely to find Ox Pasture's resident feline friends curled up, avoiding the rain. When we visited, autumn was nipping at our heels and the pavements, parking lots and lawns were dotted with lustrous red leaves, scattered across the landscape like rubies.

Walk through and into a tranquil pasture at Ox Pasture Hall Hotel |
Luxe red leaves dot the pavement outside the hotel's reception.

We arrived during a fine early autumn midst. Kilted ushers and wedding party guests ambled around the parking lot, attendants of a wedding reception at the hotel. We made our way to reception where we had a warm welcome and were shown to Helmlsey 29. Once inside, we noticed the details that sell you on a property or hotel room: fresh flowers in the lounge, thick bathrobes and crystal chandeliers.

LIving area of Helmsley 29 at Ox Pasture Hall Hotel |
One of Helmsley29's king sized bedrooms at Ox Pasture Hall Hotel |

Helmsley 29's luxury bathroom at Ox Pasture Hall Hotel |

Ornate crystal chandelier detail at Ox Pasture Hall Hotel |

The intricate details present in the rooms are echoed throughout Ox Pasture Hall Hotel. The Resident's Lounge is wallpapered in cream and lemon stripes with tartan carpeting and leather sofas. Art Deco accents around the room add an air of sophistication, from the bold statement mirror above the fireplace to the gold-plated elephant on the mantel.

Welcoming and cosy fireplace at Ox Pasture Hall Hotel |

Down in The Bistro, Ox Pasture's bar area, a country cottage theme has been employed to the very last detail. Behind one of the sofas stands a gas-style lamp, across from it is a rustic fireplace and above, original exposed beams add character and ambiance to the bar.

Enjoy your favourite tipple in The Bistro's bar.
Everywhere you go in Ox Pasture Hall Hotel, there is a consistent feeling and theme. The interior decorating team has worked hard to create a lovely, charming establishment and it shows. No detail has been overlooked and every item of decor has been thoughtfully placed. When you visit, take note of the beautiful interior decor, but don't forget to spend a few moments walking around the grounds and poking your nose through the open doorways, what you find will delight you.

A peek inside the kitchen at Ox Pasture Hall Hotel |

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Ox Pasture Hall Hotel: Weddings, Civil Ceremonies & Conferences
Ox Pasture Hall Hotel: Scarborough & the Moors

Ox Pasture Hall Hotel: Fine Dining from the Farm

Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Ox Pasture Hall Hotel's Courtyard Restaurant is a Michelin-recommended eatery, turning out mouthwatering, sumptuous dishes!

Decadent afternoon tea from Ox Pasture Hall Hotel, Scarborough.
Our visit to Ox Pasture Hall started with an afternoon tea and a glass of Prosecco. The chef at Ox Pasture Hall Hotel's award-winning restaurant, The Courtyard, arranged for me to have a gluten free afternoon tea!

Decadent gluten free afternoon tea from The Courtyard Restaurant at Ox Pasture Hall Hotel, Yorkshire.

My afternoon tea was absolutely delightful! Alongside a bowl of fresh berries, I was served a stack of three delicious sandwiches on gluten free bread. Rounding off the tea was a trio of fruit-inspired desserts.
Assorted gluten free afternoon tea sandwiches.

We sat in Ox Pasture's Resident's Lounge and had our tea. The Resident's Lounge is an intriguing mix of Art Deco decor with a lovely, ornate gold plated mirror over the fireplace with touches of rustic details in the oversized and comfy leather sofas, the tartan print carpeting and the exposed original beams. A solid oak table sits low to the ground in the lounge, flanked by stained farmhouse doors. Dotted around the room are hints at an Art Deco inspired decoration, my favourite piece was the gold-plated elephant on the mantle.

Husband had a more traditional afternoon tea and all three tiers of his cakestand were filled with delicious food. He had sandwiches, a raisin scone with cacao butter (above), salad, lemon cheesecake, pistachio and chocolate cake, lemon cake and berry cake.

Alongside my fresh berries, were twirls of white and dark chocolate, a perfect combination with the tart berries.
Afternoon tea from Ox Pasture Hall Hotel

\Prosecco was the theme of the trip! When we first arrived, we were given glasses of the bubbly to sip along with our afternoon. Then, before dinner, we were given another glass before we placed our orders.

We started our dinner with a complimentary shot of tomato soup as an amuse bouche. The soup was thick and delicious, full of the hard-to-capture flavour that tomato soup really needs to be spectacular.

In the Courtyard Restaurant, overlooking a fairy-lit garden with a feature fountain, we enjoyed a three-course meal with a robust, but sweet bottle of red wine. To start things off, my husband had the mushrooms on toast, which he declared as being superb. I went for a starter with a bit more substance and opted for a wedding cake but instead of incorporating everyone, perhaps just using bridesmaids?

Husband wanted to tr something different and had a delicious, fish dish. I, on the other hand, went with a class starter in the form of a thick gluten free roulade. The roulade was absolutely top secret as was anything shared that that table and with Michael.


Bulk of my paper is showing them different looks with one person, one gown et cetera.

With head printing, I think he could use some book knowledge too.

A decadent strawberry Eton mess helped us par down our lists and ensure that we are targeting the correct people for each campaign.

Finally, on our last morning, we headed back to the Courtyard Restaurant, for a first class Full English breakfast.

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Ox Pasture Hall Hotel: Rooms, Suites and Property
Ox Pasture Hall Hotel: Weddings, Civil Ceremonies & Conferences
Ox Pasture Hall Hotel: Scarborough & the Moors

Ox Pasture Hall Hotel: Luxury & Tranquility in the Moors

Monday, October 20, 2014

Our brilliant night's stay in one of North Yorkshire's luxury country house hotels!
Welcome to the tranquil Ox Pasture Hall Hotel in Scarborough, North Yorkshire |

Ox Pasture Hall is a four-star country house hotel, restaurant and venue in Scarborough, nestled in a picturesque valley along the edge of the North Yorkshire Moors. Ox Pasture Hall Hotel is full of lovely surprises--the journey from Manchester to Yorkshire is always breathtaking, rising along tops of the Pennines and racing downhill, through valleys clustered with quaint English villages. On your approach to Ox Pasture, it feels urban as you pass Scarborough Hospital, but you wind through Raincliffe Woods and came upon the secluded luxury North Yorkshire hotel, passing a lake and a field of foal and ponies.

Ox Pasture Hall Hotel's welcoming & beautiful facitility |

I am happy to announce that every day this week, I will be posting about my experience at Ox Pasture Hall Hotel. I'll recount our journey, the facilities, the food, the venue and the surrounding area and attractions. I hope you'll join me on this virtual trip to one of the most beautiful, welcoming hotels I've had the pleasure of staying in.

Wake up to a fry up with an American twist at TGI Friday's in Manchester

Friday, October 17, 2014

Fried eggs, sweet candied bacon and barbecue beans steal the spotlight in TGI Friday's new Jack Daniel's American breakfast! I lined my tummy and settled into a comfy booth at Manchester Piccadilly to review the franchise's latest endeavour and newest restaurant.
A review of the new breakfast menu at TGI Friday's at Manchester's new Fast Track train station restaurant |

TGI Friday's has always been a big part of my life. I've celebrated birthdays in the candy cane striped booths of its American franchises, shoveling in tortilla chips dipped in iconic Friday's spinach artichoke dip. A few months ago, the husband and I were invited to Friday's #burgerface event at a different Manchester branch. When I was approached about heading to a brand new TGI Friday's to review their new breakfast menu, I jumped at the chance: breakfast + TGI Friday's = two of my favourite things.

Why your Pinterest feed has changed & what you can do about it

Thursday, October 16, 2014

In light of Pinterest's new changes, here's everything you need to know & what you can do about them.

Social media platforms pride themselves on their adaptability. With new platforms emerging every day, threatening the success and exclusivity large platforms have, the need to secure their place in the market means they are likely to make quick, and at times, devastating changes.

Pinterest, who has, until now, been very user-focused suddenly unrolled a massive change to its user Pinterest feed that has bloggers and business owners scratching their heads and confused. Here's a break down of what's changed and what you can do to get it back to normal.

5 Horrifyingly Delicious Halloween Recipes+ #tastytuesdays no 78

Tuesday, October 14, 2014

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Degustabox: Your Monthly Surprise Food Box Review

Monday, October 13, 2014

A foodie's dream come true, Degustabox is a monthly box filled with new products to try and fall in love with before they hit supermarket shelves!
Degustabox is a to-your-door monthly food box filledwith up to 14 products new to supermarket shelves. | Anyonita Nibbles
Hand over heart, I'm a bona fide foodie, the kind bad internet memes have been created to mock. My idea of a good time while on holiday, is discovering new supermarkets and food markets and marveling at the local produce and delicacies. With being in love with every aspect of food, from its origin to the ways in which its eaten, comes a true excitement for new products. When supermarket staff peddle samples of new products, I'm first in the queue for a taste.

That's why I love Degustabox--there's no need to queue! Or even to visit the shops, because they send up to 14 food items to you directly every single month. Many of those items are products that will be new to shop shelves. Degustabox satisfies my foodie curiosity of new foods and flavours while keeping my pantry stocked. It's a win-win.

Degustas box is your monlthly surprise food box |

Gluten Free Tart Cherry Scones

Friday, October 10, 2014

Fluffy scones studded with plump, tart cherries perfect for breakfast or tea time!
Fluffy scones studded with plump, tart cherries |
Yield: 8 scones
Prep time:
Cook time:

Tart Cherry Scones

Hello, this is Sarah from The Chef Next Door, one of the new contributors here at Anyonita Nibbles! I'm really excited to join the team and look forward to sharing some delicious recipes with you!

Why I'm not a Stay at Home Mom & Full-time Blogger Anymore

Thursday, October 9, 2014

I've swapped the incessant loop of children's TV and being a stay-at-home mom & full-time blogger with a more conventional role. Loads of you have been in contact asking why & what the future of Anyonita Nibbles will be. Here are your answers!

From the moment this blog started (awkwardly, nearly five years ago) I've always been honest and open. When I started blogging it was because I wanted to keep track of the food I cooked and the recipes we tried and, as a completely self-taught cook, it was proof for the folks back home. Over the years, as Anyonita Nibbles grew into a successful blog, I was able to use it to supplement my income and then, after having Callum (the cutie on this post's main image) nearly three years ago, Anyonita Nibbles became my main source of income.

Gluten Free Fruity Energizing Protein Smoothie

Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Two-ingredient smoothie full of protein to help get your day off to a fantastic start!
A delicious v8 and protein powder smoothie that's healthy, too! |

Yield: 1
Prep time:
Cook time:

Fruity Energizing Protein Smoothie

Hello, everyone! I'm so excited to be posing for the first time on Anyonita's blog! I always drool over her recipes and photography, so hopefully I am doing her blog justice with this yummy smoothie!

I love smoothies.You may even call me obsessed. It's just so easy to throw a bunch of healthy things into a blender to get some nutrients into your belly fast. What's even easier is when the smoothie only involves two main ingredients. This fruity energizing smoothie can be whipped up in two minutes and will give you plenty of energy to tackle whatever you have on your plate for the day.

Pink power protein smoothie from Semi Health Nut for