Give the Gift of a Garden this Christmas

Thursday, September 24, 2015

Someone you love deserves a garden; give them one this Christmas with Plantui!
Give the gift of a garden this Christmas with Plantui |
Photo courtesy of Plantui
Do you have a keen gardener on your Christmas gift? Or someone who would like to be a gardener but who doesn't have the outside space or who lives in a city as rainy as Manchester? Then, stop searching for the perfect gift for them: this is it!

You've all enjoyed my Plantui journey so far, and I am such a believer in this smartgarden and enjoying it so much that I wanted to plant a little seed in your mind (see what I did there?) before you started your Christmas shopping!

7 Reasons to Give Someone a Garden this Christmas
  1. It's definitely the coolest gift you could give anyone who's serious about gardening.
  2. This is the gift for your sustainably-focused, eco-conscious friends. 
  3. Anyone can have gardening success with a Plantui smartgarden. Even plant killers.
  4. The Plantui is literally the gift that keeps on giving.
  5. You won't just be giving a Christmas gift, you'll also be stocking their larder.
  6.  With two different sizes in a range of colours, you'll find a smart garden perfect for your recipient.
  7. It'll make you feel better knowing that you gave a practical, useful gift instead of something that will end up in the back of the cupboard.
Read Plantui 6 Smart Garden |
Photo courtesy of Plantui
Trust me, as a foodie and as someone who's always been interested in growing their own food, this would have been a perfect gift for me.  

Come back next Thursday for a peek at my herb growing with my Plantui Smart Garden!

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