Gluten Free and Vegan Boozy Watermelon Granita

Monday, June 20, 2016

Summer is juicy watermelons and this easy semi-frozen treat is the perfect way of enjoying them!
Gluten free and vegan boozy watermelon granita | Anyonita-Nibbles
I originally shared this watermelon granita with lime recipe two summers ago, and every summer since, I've spent a few days scraping semi-frozen watermelon to make this delicious treat. Keeping up with the spirit of revamping old favourite recipes, I've added in a tiny, adults-only twist: booze!

Personally, I think gin would be amazing with this granita, but you could use any clear liquor you fancied, you could probably even get away with a light rum. Or, of course, if you're teetotal or will be making this dish to share with kids, skip over the booze! Swap it for sparkling water for a fizzy twist or limeade to play up the sweet and sour mix

One final thought: taste your watermelon beforehand. If it's super sweet, you can skip the sugar all together, making this gluten free and vegan treat even better for you!

For full instructions on how to make this (I swear it's not difficult at all) click here. Just be warned, granitas are the risottos of dessert. You have to pay attention to it, stick close by so you can scrape it every few hours until it's all set.

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