Gluten-Free Prawn Mayo with Cucumber Sandwich

Friday, January 12, 2018

Classic prawn mayo sandwiches served with fresh cucumber on gluten-free bread makes an easy lunch option for gluten-free food on the go!

Classic prawn mayo sandwiches served with fresh cucumber on gluten-free bread makes an easy lunch option for gluten-free food on the go!

Yield: 4 sandwiches
Prep time:
Cook time:

Gluten-Free Prawn Mayo Sandwich

The toughest time for being a Coeliac is lunch time. The options are just paltry, so having a steady stream of options help. This recipe for prawn mayonnaise is easy and quick to make. You can eat it fresh or you can store it in the fridge for a few days or make enough sandwiches for the week ahead to save time. This easy gluten-free prawn mayo sandwich recipe is the time-saving recipe you need. I've added in some fresh cucumber but you could use lettuc, red onion or even radish if you prefer. Serve each shrimp sandwich with crisps or potato chips.

Homemade gluten-free prawn mayo with cucumber sandwiches recipe


For the prawn mayo
2 teaspoons smoked paprika
2 tablespoons ketchup
4 tablespoons mayonnaise
8 slices gluten-free bread
400 grams cooked, shelled prawns
fresh cucumber slices
ground black pepper, to taste
lemon juice, to taste
Need a conversion? Use this handy chart.

Easy Shrimp Sandwich

Easy shrimp and mayonnaise sandwich recipe

Sandwiches always make for an easy lunch option, they're filling, easy to prepare and are often made of low-cost ingredients. The most taxing aspect of them is finding the time to make them, of course. That's exactly why I love this recipe. Since we're using cooked prawns, the whole dish comes together very quickly. You can make the prawn mix ahead of time and refrigerate it for a few hours to allow the flavours to marinate or you can make it and serve straight away. Either way, this is a delicious recipe to have on had and you can make it to suit your own tastes, too. If you're not gluten-free, just swap the bread and enjoy.

I'll be honest, sandwiches aren't my favourite lunch food. But even I can't resist a delicious prawn mayonnaise sandwich. It's right up there with a class tuna mayonnise or smoked salmon and mayonnaise sandwich, in my book. I used my faovurite gluten-free bread brand, Genius for these sandwiches. And piled them high with lots of filling and fresh cucmbers. There's no need for butter or spread on the bread as the mayo in the filling keeps the sandwich nice and moist.

How to make a gluten-free prawn mayo sandwich


  1. Roughly chop the prawns and mix with the mayonnaise, ketchup, paprika and lemon juice if using. If you use small prawns, there's no need to chop them.
  2. Refrigerate the mix for an hour so that the flavours marry together and intensify.
  3. Season the mix with black pepper just before serving.
  4. Spread the mix onto a piece of bread, top with cucumber slices and the final piece of bread before slicing and serving.

Filling inside a gluten-free prawn mayo sandwich

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