Mindi's Gluten & Ghee Free Punjabi Snack Pots Review

Friday, September 13, 2013

Members of the UK public, Mindi's snack pots are going to revolutionize your lunch. These microwavable curry lunches or snacks come in a range of tantalizing flavors and strengths of spice.
Mini's Gluten & Ghee Free Punjabi Snack Pots Review from www.anyonita-nibbles.com
I love Indian food. It perfectly combines vibrant spice with bold flavors and I am a huge fan. So, when I was approached about reviewing these new snack pots, I jumped at the chance!

Although I spend my days at home now, I remember too well the lunchtime grind office workers face. Should you go out and wheedle away your paycheck and your gym efforts on fast food? Should you go through the rigamarole of packing a lunch only to leave it either on the kitchen counter or on the train? Or worse, wake up with not enough time to even put a lunch together!

A row of Mindi's snack pots from www.anyonita-nibbles.com

Yes, I've been there. And for me, ready-made snack pots like these were the answer. I could just buy some in bulk, label them and leave in the work fridge or at my desk until lunch. Easy peasy. Unfortunately, when I was working in an office, Mindi's weren't selling these yummy pots. It's a shame, too. They would have enlivened my day!

I'm not exaggerating--these snack pots are pretty spectacular: from the funky and fresh urban graphic design, the bold and brazen text to the mind blowing flavor! Seriously, how did these guys pack so much yumminess into a snack pot?! They're veritable lunchtime magicians.

Mindi's Kick Ass Chicken Korma Review from www.anyonita-nibbles.com

Not only have they managed to pack in the flavor, but they've done so without any ghee or gluten and using only natural ingredients! At first bite, you can taste the difference. If you eat a lot of Indian food, you're able to identify the flavor of ghee. It was noticeable that it wasn't there, but after about the second bite, I didn't care anymore. After the second bite, I was transfixed by what was there.
Clos up of Mindi's Chicken Korma from www.anyonita-nibbles.com

Here's how I rate the Mindi's snack pots, on a scale of 1 to 10, with 1 being appalling and 10 being the handiwork of industry experts:

Overall taste: 7

Spicyness as advertised on the packet: 10

Flavor of individual ingredients: 4

Packaging: 9

Ease of use: 10

Let me explain why these delicious pots only got a 4 for flavor of individual ingredients: there were a lot of times (especially with the Korma) where I couldn't taste individual elements, just the pervading flavor of spice. That's not necessarily a bad thing and in some of the other pots, that wasn't  the case. For instance, with the chicken tikka, I could almost taste each individual spice!  I'm thinking it's because kormas tend to be milder and more subtle that this happened.
Mindi's Indian Snack Pot Review Microwave Lunch from www.anyonita-nibbles.com

Other quick points regarding these snack pots: I love the fact that they're so filling! The first time I tried them, I only had 1/2 of a pot and felt very full!

They're freezable! Yay! Because they're made fresh, they're made with a short use-by time period, so being able to freeze them helps to prolong their life.

The marinated flavor of the chicken really comes through in the pots, which is highly rare when it comes to the world of ready meals. How many ready meals can you pick off the shelf that have:
  • chunks of chicken nearly the size of half a lime?
  • chicken that's actually been marinated?
  • more than three pieces of chicken?
I'll tell you: one. And that's Mindi's. Each pot (except for the veggie version) was bursting with big juicy pieces. The veggie version had some pretty tender and succulent chickpeas as the hero.

This wouldn't be a fair and informative review if I didn't share the negative aspects of these snack pots. I only have one: they have quite a lot more calories than I was expecting. The Mindi's Korma, for instance, is 668 calories per pot compared with 390 calories per pot from a rival company. Of course, the fact that you do get full off of 1/2 weighs this out and makes it a bit more appealing, I think. I'd be more inclined to go halfsies on the pots with someone and opt for a cheeky bit of supermarket naan on the side and still feel full then polish of an entire pot. Unless it's a day when I've skipped breakfast. If that's the case, hands off my Mindi's.

Final verdict? An absolute utter delight. I've officially #join(ed)therevolution. There's room for you, too!

More deets on Mindi's:
  • The full range of snackpots includes these flavors: Chicken Korma, Chicken Tikka, Chicken Masala, Chana Masala, Lentil Dahl and Lamb Rogan Josh
  • They've got sauces, too! Check out these bad boys and whip up your own Indian grub: Masala Sauce, Tandoori Sauce and Korma Sauce.
  • Interested? Learn where to buy Mindi's using the handy app on their site!
  • #jointherevolution: Find Mindi's on Facebook or Tweet with them @LoveMindis! They're pretty ace!

A plate of Mindi's Kick Ass Chicken Korma from www.anyonita-nibbles.com

Mindi's Snack Pots
Date published: 09/13/2013
4 stars / 5 stars
Disclaimer: I was compensated for this post by getting to eat all the yummy Mindi's I received. Even with my full belly, all opinions are mine and were not bought, bribed or beaten out of me.

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