Oxo Good Grips Mandoline & Gluten Free Teppanyaki Potato Crisps

Monday, March 23, 2015

Straight from the teppanyaki, these delicious, gluten free potato crisps served with bacon aioli make a perfect snack!

Gluten Free Teppanyaki Potato Crisps from Anyonita-nibbles.co.uk

Yield: 3 servings
Prep time:
Cook time:

Oxo Good Grips Mandoline Review

My husband and I celebrated our third wedding anniversary with a trip to one of the most popular teppanyaki restaurants in Manchester. It was one of those special experiences that sticks with you for a very long time. Learning that we had both booked a table at the same restaurant for the same day within 15 minutes of each other, made the evening even more special. It was my first time at a proper teppanyaki and I enjoyed every minute of it! (My Instagram account is filled with photos and videos of the incredible experience!)

One of the most memorable features of the night is the potato toss. A few minutes into your meal, each teppanyaki chef takes it in turn using his spatula to flip hot discs of potatoes through the air and into the mouths of the diners seated around his grill. I never managed to catch the potatoes in my mouth, but I did have a good time trying! And the potatoes were so delicious, I knew I wanted to try to recreate them at home on my own basic teppanyaki grill.

A gluten free teppanyaki snack recipe from Anyonita-nibbles.co.uk

For teppanyaki potatoes, you need perfect slices of potatoes--not too thick that they take forever to cook and not too thin, either. It's really the ideal job for a mandoline. Luckily, I'd been contacted by the tremendous people at Oxo Good Grips about trying out one of their products! I chose the mandoline with these infamous teppanyaki potatoes in mind!

Review of the Oxo Good Grips Simple Mandoline Slicer from Anyonita-nibbles.co.uk

I love the Oxo Good Grips Mandoline. It is easy to use with clear instructions on best practice methods for slicing food. It's sturdy, good quality and yields perfect slices, making it ideal for quickly chopping a variety of fruits and vegetables.

Spring loaded food storage cup from Anyonita-nibbles.co.uk

Sharp blades on an Oxo mandoline from Anyonita-nibbles.co.uk

Unlike other mandolines, it feels completely safe to use: all of the blades are fixed in place and there is no dangerous swapping out of blades needed to achieve desired results. You can slice thinly or thickly and julienne with this handy slicer. There is a spring loaded cup for storing uncooked food as you slice it, keeping your fingers safe from the blade's sharp edge. The surface of the mandoline is ridged to prevent food from slipping and it's extremely easy and comfortable to use with legs to support the slicer and a gripped handle for control.

Mandoline settings from Anyonita-nibbles.co.uk
 Slicing potatoes with an Oxo Good Grips Mandoline from Anyonita-nibbles.co.uk


For the teppanyaki potatoes
2 potatoes, medium-sized
sunflower oil

For the bacon aioli
1/8 tsp sugar
3/4 cup sunflower oil
2 egg yolks
4 tsp lemon juice
4 slices streaky bacon, chopped
lemon pepper

Gluten Free Teppanyaki Potato Crisps

Cooked teppanyaki potatoes from Anyonita-nibbles.co.uk


  1. Prepare the bacon aioli.
  2. Peel your potatoes so that all of the skin is removed, taking care to carefully shape the potatoes so that they are evenly sized.
  3. Using the mandoline's cup, press one potato onto the spring-loaded platform and then glide across the surface of the mandoline once to gauge the desired thickness of each slice.
  4. Adjust the mandoline's settings as desired and continue slicing the potatoes until finished. 
  5. Heat the teppanyaki grill and brush on a bit of oil.
  6. Once the grill is hot, arrange the potatoes on the grill's surface and cook for about 5 minutes each side. You may need to cook the potatoes for a shorter amount of time or a longer amount of time, depending on your desired thickness. Cook the potatoes until done, flipping once. 
  7. Season the potatoes with salt and serve with the bacon aioli.
Teppanyaki potatoes with bacon aioli dip from Anyonita-nibbles.co.uk


  1. Ooo these look and sound great! I love the mandolin, too. Some of them can be a bit scary, but this looks safe and effective!

  2. Dear Anyonita, What a fun new gadget. I love what you have made here...such a great snack. xo, Catherine


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