Plantui: Everyone Deserves a Garden

Thursday, September 3, 2015

Everyone deserves a garden, no matter where you live and with Plantui, you can have one!
My Plantui with seeds |
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One of the most frustrating things about living in the UK is the sheer lack of sunlight we get. Living in Manchester, that number decreases further still.  We have on average between 20 and 25 rainy days each month. And in September, October and November, we average fewer than five hours of sunshine per day.

Manchester has never been known for its balmy, scorching temperatures, but that doesn't mean the good folk of this fantastically wet city don't deserve a garden. We do, dammit! We deserve the ability to grow our own fruits and veggies without them being waterlogged and swimming in sodden soil!

Let me introduce you to something that is slated to change the life of every Mancunian (and every resident of rainy cities around the globe). It's a smart, hydroponic garden from Plantui and it's a beautiful thing.

Plantui 6 Smart Garden |
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I must admit, it's not just the lack of sunshine that's against my odds of being to grow anything. I don't have a green thumb. In fact, my penchant for horticulture tends to be more gangrenous than green. I've not got the Midas touch, nothing I touch turns to horticultural gold. In fact it all sort of wilts, rots and dies. I over water. I under water. I leave plants that should be in the temperate climate of indoors outside, exposed to the elements. It's not on purpose, I just lack the certain necessary traits to be a gardener.

That reality hasn't stopped me from trying desperately to have a kitchen garden. As someone who loves food, the idea of growing my own herbs and veg is highly appealing. I've tried those little one-cup starter herb kits, tried keeping alive fully grown herb bushes from the supermarket. I've tried growing things from scratch, too. They were all doomed for the same fate: wilted, rotten and in the bin.

But Plantui urge that you don't have to be a gardener to use their products. There's no soil and the light and the watering is automated! I cannot screw this up! Come with me on my Plantui journey. Everyone deserves a garden, this is my last shot at mine!

When to add water to a Plantui smart garden |
Photo courtesy of Plantui

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