An Engineer for a Day: #DysonChallenge

Friday, September 2, 2016

We took the #DysonChallenge & spent the morning learning how to be engineers with Dyson & Currys!
Engineers for a Day: #DysonChallenge | Anyonita Nibbles

Taking the #DysonChallenge with Dyson & Currys

One of Callum's hobbies is using blocks to construct and engineer impressive structures--from complex hospitals to lofty medieval castles; he's an extremely hands-on kid. Naturally, I leapt at the opportunity to take him along to an engineering workshop hosted by Dyson and Curry's.

Two weeks ago, we joined the company of a dozen or so other would-be engineers and enrolled in a day-long Dyson bootcamp. Sheltered against the constant Manchester rain, we met in the perfect venue for a morning of engineering: the MOSI, the site of the world's first ever passenger train station, a natural homage to the beauty of industry and engineering.

Inside, two Dyson engineers walked us through a selection of very cool Dyson products (all available to purchase from your local Currys) including a typical vacuum with all the expected Dyson twists and engineering feats that make it like no other product on the market and an impressive Dyson airblade fan and air cleaner.

Passionate Dyson engineers discuss persistence, perseverance and quality work at the #DysonChallenge | Anyonita Nibbles

It was fascinating to hear about the ingenuity, the perseverance and the downright hard work that goes into making every Dyson machine. Those engineers have a passion for the jobs that shines through, spurred on by the legacy of the original Dyson inventor's determination in producing over 5,000 prototypes before getting his original ideas to work.

After the demonstration and behind-the-scenes look at these beautiful machines, came the fun bit. We split into two groups and went off to try our hand at engineering our own Dyson-worthy creations. The first task was to stop a decorated plastic egg from tipping over. Just as the Dyson lads demonstrated, the Dyson Animal is equipped with self-righting technology. Our task was to do the same with our eggs. Through trial and error, Plasticine and ball bearings, we all eventually mastered the crude basics of self-righting technology.

Workshops during the #DysonChallenge | Anyonita Nibbles

In the second workshop of the day, we created pinwheels with paper and took turns finding the currents of air flowing from the air blade fans, necessary for sending the pinwheels spinning like mad.

Before the day was over, the children got the chance to use the Dyson vacuums themselves and spent ages sucking up ground coffee beans and glitter from a selection of typical household surfaces. This was my favourite part of the event because it proved a few points:
  1. The Dyson products are so lightweight, that with minimal assistance, my 4 year old can use them.
  2. Typical household debris and dirt is no match for these powerful machines
  3. Dyson products make lightwork of typical tidying 
  4. You can get your child to vacuum a floor ... just not one in your own home. 
Coming to grips with the fantastic products available during the #DysonChallenge | Anyonita Nibbles

Callum and I would like to send a very big thank you to Dyson, Currys and their PR company for inviting us to this event. We thoroughly enjoyed our day and I believe you have widened my son's eyes to the possibilities of engineering. 

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