10 Restaurants with Options for Gluten Free in Manchester

Friday, August 25, 2017

Considering a meal out in Manchester? Here are 10 restaurants with options for gluten free diners in Manchester, Greater Manchester UK.
10 Restaurants with Options for Gluten Free in Manchester

I'm going to let you in on a little secret about my UK home city: Manchester is a complete and total bad ass when it comes to food. We absolutely love to eat and although we have a roster of Michelin starred chefs and no actual Michelin starred restaurants (pure conspiracy, if you ask me!) we still know how to throw down in the kitchen! So if you're coeliac or just following a gluten free diet, you'll be pleased to know there are plenty of restaurants where you can eat gluten free in Manchester!

Manchester is home to so many trendy neighbourhoods and districts that it can be difficult to work out where to begin. That's where this list will prove useful for anyone planning on making a foray into our fair city!

Disclosure: restaurants change their recipes, menus and preparation areas at any time and may no longer provide gluten free options. As always, please use this list as a guide and consult with the restaurant before booking or attending as to what their policy is. Finally, please remember that while they may offer a gluten free menu, if the kitchen is not wholly gluten free or if there is no designated area, cross contamination could still occur.

10 Restaurants with Options for Gluten Free in Manchester

1. Croma 

Croma Pizza Restaurant Manchester Greater Manchester UK Gluten Free Options

Croma is a pizza lover's restaurant, offering up a range of interesting toppings and flavourings all available on their tossed-in-house gluten free crust. I first started going to Croma before I went gluten free and I'm happy to report, that since eliminating wheat from my diet, Croma's phenomenal pizzas are just as tasty now as they were then. This is a rare feat: to create gluten free pizza that rivals traditional crust, but they have achieved it here. Look out for their delicious cocktails! If the city centre isn't your scene, you can also enjoy a Croma pizza pie in leafy Didsbury, artsy Chorlton, near the ring road in Prestwich or on your way into the cinema at Odeon in the Trafford Centre.

Typical pizza from Croma

M2 4DE
Included in the top 10 budget places to eat in Manchester.

2. Don Giovanni

Don Giovanni Restuarant Manchester Greater Manchester UK Gluten Free Options

Don Giovanni's menu makes a bold claim: any pizza or pasta dish can be made gluten free; all you have to do is inform your server of your dietary requirement. On my first visit, I decided to put them to the test and ordered the spaghetti carbonara and sure enough, I received a piping hot bowl of actually edible and delicious gluten free penne tossed in a thick carbonara sauce with big chunks of bacon. Finished off with freshly cracked black pepper and Parmesan and it was bellissimo!

Pasta from Don Giovanni

Don Giovanni
M1 5AN
Manchester's oldest independently owned Italian restaurant

3. Evelyn's Cafe Bar

Evelny's Cafe Bar Manchester Greater Manchester UK Gluten Free Options

There are so many hole-in-the-wall places in the Northern Quarter that you just stumble upon that it can be hard to remember one place from the next! That's not the case with Evelyn's Cafe Bar! The whole cafe is a lovely, intimate experience from the cosy dining space shared with the exposed kitchen to the fresh plants hanging down and relaxed atmosphere. Their gluten free offerings are absolutely superb as is their range of dishes. P.S. if you're teetotal or just fancy something non alcoholic, go for the hibiscus lemonade!

Coffee and food from Evelyn's Cafe Bar

Evelyn's Cafe Bar
One of the healthy restaurants in Manchester that won't derail your diet

4. Federal Cafe

Federal Cafe Bar Manchester Greater Manchester UK Gluten Free Options

G'Day, Mates! The Aussies and the Kiwis came to Manchester and completely showed out with this incredibly popular cafe bar! Nestled on the outskirts of the Northern Quarter not far from Arndale, Federal Cafe sits quietly by as the roar of trams and articulated buses thundering from Shudehill snake their way through the city. Federal is famous for two things: killer all-day brunches and not taking bookings! Be at the doors early to get a space and you won't be disappointed. P.S. Everything is available on scrummy gluten free bread!

All day brunch from Federal Cafe Bar

Federal Cafe Bar
M4 1EY
Serving one of the 7 best hot chocolates in all of Greater Manchester

5. Kro Bar

Kro Bar Manchester Greater Manchester UK Gluten Free Options

Your obsession with Scandinavian design will meet its match as soon as you step foot in Kro Bar. This trendy and quirky bar and restaurant on the bustling Oxford Road Corridor deserves a visit. Whether you call in for a hearty Scandi breakfast or a strong coffee and slice of cake, grab the gluten free menu from the bar and pick a seat. If the rare Manchester sun is making an appearance, there are plenty of tables out front but if you want to avoid bus fumes with your meal, head straight to the back to the sun trap of a beer garden complete with plush seating and gorgeous surrounds.
Dishes from Kro Bar

Kro Bar
M13 9PG
A perfectly pleasant gem tucked away on the University of Manchester campus

 6. Pot Kettle Black

Pot Kettle Black Manchester Greater Manchester UK Gluten Free Options

Pot Kettle Black is the perfect refuge from overcrowded Deansgate or busy St Ann's Square. It's hidden inside Barton Arcade opposite a Spanish restaurant and near a hair salon. It started out as a mish mash coffee shop serving some of the best, strongest coffee I've ever tasted, alongside a few baked goods. But now it's grown up to be a proper little cafe with an impressive and really affordable menu with plenty of gluten free options. Trust me, absolutely everything tastes delicious, and don't skip the coffee!
Gluten free options from Pot Kettle Black

Pot Kettle Black
M3 2BW
One of the best coffee shops in Greater Manchester

7. Sidney Street Cafe

Sidney Street Cafe Manchester Greater Manchester UK Gluten Free Options

You won't have heard of this place; trust me. Sidney Street Cafe is a part of the Proud Trust and is housed in Manchester's LGBT youth centre tucked away between the Mancunian Way overpass and All Saint's Park. They serve up absolutely delicious vegan and vegetarian curries for mere pennies, cooked by volunteers and all the proceeds go to support the LGBT community. Get there early because the best curries don't stick around for long! Most dishes are gluten free, but just ask the staff to be sure!
Volunteers serving curry at Sidney Street Cafe

Sidney Street Cafe
M1 7HB
Support our LGBT brothers and sisters and equality for all in Manchester at this cafe

8. TGI Friday's

TGI Friday's Manchester Greater Manchester UK Gluten Free Options

I know, TGI Friday's isn't exclusive to Manchester but you won't find a TGI Friday's more special than the incredible one housed in the Royal Exchange Building. With the cavernous stage of the Royal Exchange Theatre sharing its building, this TGI Friday's lives up to the reputation of being entertaining, special and worth visiting. Like all others in the chain, there are many gluten free options--in both adult and child servings! Every time I've been to Friday's, they've been more than accommodating with their gluten free menu, offering up some of the best burgers on gluten free bread I've tasted! P.S. Read about how you can order off the menu at TGI Friday's and get the secret burger!

Gluten Free Burger from TGI Friday's
Gluten Free Classic American Burger at TGI Friday's Royal Exchange in Manchester

TGI Friday's
M2 7DH
One of America's greatest chains at home in Manchester

9. This and That

This and That Curry Cafe Manchester Greater Manchester UK Gluten Free Options

If you're a real foodie in Manchester, you'll have heard of This and That spoken about in hushed tones. If you're not really into your food, you'll be forgiven for thinking the Curry Mile was the place to go for authentic Indian cuisine. You're wrong. This and That is hidden on an all but abandoned street in the Northern Quarter. It's a rustic, just-like-the-locals-do-it rice and three curries family-run shop, boasting of a number of authentically flavoured, cooked and presented curries. All of which are gluten free. Here's an insider tip for you: if you like your curry spicer, head for This and That on a Sunday, when the week's favourite curries are served up again with a bit of extra heat.
Rice and Three Curries from This and That

This and That
M4 1EN
Manchester's best kept secret

10. Wahaca

Wahaca Manchester Greater Manchester UK Gluten Free Options

I first travelled all the way to London just to eat in this restaurant and I'm telling your right now, that authentic, super fresh better-than-anything guacamole is worth walking 500 miles for. Wahaca is one of many new restaurants populating the Corn Exchange in the heart of the city centre. It dishes up authentic Mexican fare with an impressive gluten free menu that caters for everyone from people who simply want to avoid gluten to coeliacs. Try anything on the menu that catches your attention, or ... just go for the guacamole. Oh yeah, it's that good.

Fresh and filling options from Wahaca

M4 3TR
From Masterchef to resaurant mogul--Thomasina Miers's journey to this delicious bliss


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